We found 3282 actual water levels for 'United Kingdom'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
A6 Bridge Stage 720215 River Brock 17.7 cm
Abbey Heath Stage E23730 River Little Ouse 23.6 cm
Abbeymead Avenue Stage 2662 River Twyver 8.5 cm
Abbey St Bathans Whiteadder Water 29.9 cm
Abbeystead Reservoir Stage 720101 River Wyre 7 cm
Aberaeron Aeron 35.1 cm
Aberbechan Nant Bechan (Bechan Brook) 59.8 cm
Aber-Bîg (Aberbeeg) Ebwy (Ebbw) 41.9 cm
Abercairn Road Stage 4186th River Graveney 90 cm
Abercynffig (Aberkenfig) Llynfi 38.4 cm
Abercynon Cynon 22.5 cm
Aberdâr (Aberdare) Cynon 8.9 cm
Aberlour Spey 76.5 cm
Aber-Miwl (Abermule) Hafren (Severn) 57.9 cm
Abernant Irfon 30.2 cm
Aberpennar (Mountain Ash) Cynon 45.7 cm
Aberuchill Earn 45.2 cm
Aberuthven Ruthven Water 7.8 cm
Abingdon Downstream Stage 1790th River Ock -32.5 cm
Abingdon Lock Downstream Stage 1503th River Thames 208.5 cm
Abingdon Lock Stage 1503th River Thames 12.6 cm
Abingdon Peachcroft Stage 1681th Radley Park Ditch 66.2 cm
Abingdon Stage 1679th River Stert 59.6 cm
Abingdon Stage 1790th River Ock 13.5 cm
Abington Clyde 56.8 cm
Abridge Stage 5459th River Roding 91.9 cm
Acle Bridge Tidal Level E23931 Maod River Bure 40.3 cm
Acomb Garden House Stage 023062 Birkey Burn 3 cm
Acomb Millersfield Stage 023063 Red Burn 33.8 cm
Active Way Stage 712100 River Calder 59.2 cm
Acton Lane Stage 685517 Arrowe Brook 20 cm
Addingham Stage F1903 River Wharfe 25.4 cm
Addingham, Town Beck Stage L1931 Town Beck 10.3 cm
Addlestone Stage 2989th Addlestone Bourne 0.34 m³/s
Adelphi Weir Stage 690511 River Irwell 19.3 cm
Adwick Le Street White Cross Bridge Stage L0933 Ea Beck 62.4 cm
Adwick Stage F0803 River Dearne 22.8 cm
Agivey Bann Br Bann 258 cm
Agnes Meadow Stage 4259 Henmore Brook 15.6 cm
Airmyn Stage L1800 River Aire 303.8 cm
Airyhemming Water Of Luce 49 cm
Albert Royds Bridge Stage 690207 River Roch 24.8 cm
Albury Stage 3074th Law Brook 8.4 cm
Alconbury Weston Stage E19027 Alconbury Brook 8.5 cm
Aldington Upstream Stage E4351 East Stour Trib Great Stour 5.2 cm
Aldwark Bridge Stage L2200 River Ure 11.6 cm
Alfoldean Stage E9883 River Arun 9.9 cm
Alford Don 94.8 cm
Alkham Valley Groundwater 1480so Maod Groundwater Level 4062 cm
Allbrook Weir Stage E12430 River Itchen 26.7 cm
Allen Mill Bridge Stage 023036 River East Allen 27.2 cm
Allerford Stage 51104 River Aller -6 cm
Allerton Ings Stage L1721 Aire Washlands 4.1 cm
Allington Lock Stage E427 Maod River Medway 385 cm
Allington Marina Stage E581 River Medway 9.5 cm
Allington Stage E4222 Foston Beck 8.5 cm
Allnabad Strathmore 34.3 cm
Allotments Stage 736417 Town Beck 7.4 cm
Allt A' Ghlas-Charnaich Allt A Ghlas-Chamaich 13.2 cm
Alma Weir Stage F2216 River Skell 16.6 cm
Almondbank Almond (Tayside) 19.3 cm
Almondell Almond (Lothian) 27.4 cm
Alness Alness 40.3 cm
Alston Stage 023009 River South Tyne 55.4 cm
Alton High Street Crest Tapping 3010th River Wey 3.5 cm
Alton High Street Stage 3010th River Wey 12.3 cm
Alverstone Stage 3610so Maod Eastern Yar 209.8 cm
Alwinton Bridge Stage 022014 River Coquet 42.9 cm
Ambleside Rydal Road Stage 735019 Stock Ghyll 20.1 cm
Amesbury Stage 43113 River Avon 24.8 cm
Ampney St Peter Downstream Stage 0470th Ampney Brook -10.6 cm
Ampney St Peter Stage 0470th Ampney Brook 25 cm
Anchor Gates Stage E8330 Maod River Ouse 623.7 cm
Ancrum Ale Water 37.9 cm
Andover Town Mill Stage E13860 Maod River Anton 5678.4 cm
Anie Leny 61.9 cm
Anslow Stage 4147 Rolleston Brook 30.6 cm
Antrim Six-Mile Water 114.6 cm
Antrim Muckamore Six-Mile Water 2669.8 cm
Antrim Riverside Six-Mile Water 1423.9 cm
Apigill Naver 33.6 cm
Apperley Bridge Stage L1602 River Aire
Appleby Stage 760115 River Eden 7.9 cm
Appleford Bridge Stage E22815 River Blackwater 33.6 cm
Appley Bridge Stage 700309 River Douglas 42.8 cm
Arborfield Bridge Stage 2473th River Loddon 24.4 cm
Arbroath Brothock Water 39.6 cm
Arbroathtidal North Sea 486.3 cm
Arcan Spillway Conon 171.2 cm
Ardachy Bridge Tarff 50.3 cm
Ardingly Stage E8266 River Ouse 9 cm
Ardnargle Roe 62.5 cm
Argae Llyn Brianne (Llyn Brianne Reservoir) Tywi -163.5 cm
Ariundle Strontian 81.4 cm
Arlesey Stage E22344 River Hiz 10.6 cm
Arle Stage 2650 River Chelt 46.3 cm
Armley Stage F1707 River Aire 33.1 cm
Armour Avenue Breckagh Burn 3100.9 cm
Armscroft Place Stage 2272 Wotton Brook 3.6 cm
Arnford Weir Stage 710103 River Ribble 34.3 cm
Arnos Park Downstream Stage 5364th Pymmes Brook 102.4 cm
Arnos Park Stage 5364th Pymmes Brook 254.4 cm
Arthington Stage L2007 River Wharfe 36 cm
Arundel Stage E9520 Maod River Arun -8.5 cm
Ashbourne Stage 4058 Henmore Brook 18.3 cm
Ashbrook Stage 680504 River Weaver 46.3 cm
Ashburton Lower Stage 46115 River Ashburn 13.8 cm
Ashburton Upper Stage 46116 River Ashburn 28.1 cm
Ashclyst Stage 45131 River Clyst 10.3 cm
Ashford In The Water Stage 4023 River Wye 32.3 cm
Ashford Mill Stage 52114 River Isle 12.3 cm
Ashleworth Stage 2071 River Severn 146.8 cm
Ashley Stage E2296 River Welland 2.1 cm
Ashmore Groundwater 43170 Maod Groundwater Level 13367.3 cm
Ashton Farm Groundwater 44208 Maod Groundwater Level 6784.2 cm
Ashton Vale Stage 53184 River Avon 101.6 cm
Ashton Weir Stage 692726 River Mersey 6.27 m³/s
Ashurst Bridge Stage E14540 Maod Bartley Water 365.6 cm
Aston Bridge Stage 4124 River Dove 66.4 cm
Astonfields Stage 4182 Sandyford Brook 15.5 cm
Atherfield Stage E14741 Atherfield Brook 17.9 cm
Auchendrane Doon 67.6 cm
Auchengeich Bothlin Burn 4.3 cm
Auchinner Allt Srath A Ghlinne 36.9 cm
Audlem Stage 680301 River Weaver 25.3 cm
Aughnacloy Blackwater 21.4 cm
Austins Bridge Stage 46122 River Dart 46.3 cm
Avochie Deveron 45.3 cm
Avonbank Avon Water 34.9 cm
Avonmouth Portbury Tidal Level E72639 Maod Mean Tide 602.3 cm
Axminster Wilhay Lane Stage E81939 Mill Brook 11.4 cm
Aylesbury Stage 1925th Bear Brook 116.8 cm
Aylesbury Thame Stage 1911th River Thame 103.2 cm
Aylesford Stream Stage E4412 Old Mill Stream 91.6 cm
Babraham Stage E21005 River Granta 12.5 cm
Bacons End Stage 4066 River Cole 15.8 cm
Badbury Rings Groundwater 43176 Maod Groundwater Level 2421.6 cm
Bagnor Stage 2264th Winterbourne Stream 11.7 cm
Bagshot Stage 2941th Windle Brook 59.2 cm
Bailiff Bridge Stage L12013 Clifton Beck 2.1 cm
Bainbridge Stage L2208 River Ure 30.4 cm
Balbrogie Isla (Tayside) 87.1 cm
Balfour Mains Ore 40.5 cm
Ballachraggan Lossie 47.4 cm
Ballathie Tay 65.1 cm
Ballindarragh Bridge Colebrooke 139.7 cm
Ballinderry Bridge Ballinderry 109.5 cm
Ballycassidy Ballinamallard 102.5 cm
Ballycastle Ballycastle Beach 42.1 cm
Balmossie Dighty Water 42.1 cm
Balnaan Dulnain 26.3 cm
Balnafoich Nairn 8.3 cm
Balnowlart Stinchar 57.1 cm
Baltmoor Wall Saltmoor Barrier Stage 52158 Saltmoor Main Drain 386.4 cm
Bamber Bridge Stage 700515 River Lostock 10.1 cm
Bampton Bridge Stage 45159 River Batherm 6.8 cm
Bampton Grange Stage 761260 River Lowther 34.1 cm
Bampton Stage 0913th Shill Brook 89.8 cm
Banbury Downstream Stage 1420th River Cherwell -43.8 cm
Banbury Stage 1420th River Cherwell 16.3 cm
Bangor Is-Coed (Bangor On Dee) Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 1232.6 cm
Bank Barrow Groundwater 44243 Maod Groundwater Level 4891.8 cm
Bannockburn Bannock Burn 41.2 cm
Barbrook Bridge Stage 50123 West Lyn River 14.7 cm
Barcombe Gates Stage E8654 River Ouse 537.2 cm
Barcombe Stage E8371 Maod River Ouse 270.7 cm
Barden Lane Stage 712113 Pendle Water 21.4 cm
Bardney Stage E40411 River Witham 83.1 cm
Bardsey Stage L2043 Bardsey Beck 15.2 cm
Barford Bridge Stage E2273 River Ise 4.8 cm
Bargate Weir Stage E2900 River Witham 16 cm
Bargate Weir Tidal Level E2900 Maod River Witham 39.1 cm
Bargoed Rhymni (Rhymney) 19.7 cm
Barmby Stage L2801 Maod River Derwent 221.2 cm
Barnaline Lodge Avich 53 cm
Barnard Castle Stage F3504 River Tees 48.9 cm
Barnes Stage 4091th Beverley Brook 130.6 cm
Barnham Stage E10924 Maod Barnham Rife 165.3 cm
Barnsley Stage F0806 River Dearne 19 cm
Barnstaple Tidal Level 50198 Maod River Taw 423.2 cm
Barsolus Piltanton Burn 46.3 cm
Bartley Mill Stage E861 River Teise 46.6 cm
Barton Broad Tidal Level E21563 Maod River Ant 50.7 cm
Barton Mills Sluice Stage E60201 River Lark 13.2 cm
Barton On Humber Stage E1435 Barton Haven 28.8 cm
Basford Bridge Downstream Stage 4061 River Churnet 20.2 cm
Basford Bridge Stage 4061 River Churnet 25.4 cm
Bastreet Stage 47130 Withy Brook 19.4 cm
Bat Bridge Stage F2311 Cundall Beck 13.4 cm
Bath Destructor Bridge Stage 53127 River Avon 343 cm
Bathford Stage 53129 River Avon 77.4 cm
Bathpool Outfall Stage 52161 Old River Tone 848.5 cm
Bathpool Outfall Stage 52162 River Tone 754.8 cm
Batley Carlinghow Stage L1376 Batley Beck 15.5 cm
Batley Savile Street Downstream Stage L1374 Batley Beck 4.1 cm
Batley Savile Street Stage L1374 Batley Beck 32.2 cm
Beach's Mill Stage E22889 River Can 28.7 cm
Beal Bridge Stage 690200 River Beal 14.8 cm
Bealsmill Stage 47139 River Inny 39.7 cm
Beal Weir Bridge Stage F1806 River Aire 32 cm
Beaminster Stage 44131 River Brit 30.2 cm
Beattock Evan Water 36.3 cm
Beaulieu Stage E14331 Maod Beaulieu River 148.4 cm
Beaulieu Tidal Level E14330 Maod Tide -11.8 cm
Beccles Quay Tidal Level E27431 Maod River Waveney 8.3 cm
Beck Bridge Stage E21119 River Kennett 9.5 cm
Beckenham Park Stage 4326th River Ravensbourne 52.5 cm
Beckenham Stage 4345th The Beck 51.9 cm
Bedburn Stage 024004 Bedburn Beck 27 cm
Beddgelert Glaslyn 73.9 cm
Beddington Park Stage 4150th River Wandle 32.9 cm
Bedford Road Sluice Stage E1363 River Nene 98.2 cm
Bedford Stage E21609 River Great Ouse 30.4 cm
Beech Hill Stage 2293th Foudry Brook 75 cm
Beeding Bridge Stage E9140 River Adur 79.5 cm
Beerwall Upstream Stage 52157 River Sowy 402.6 cm
Beetham Weir Stage 731013 River Bela 54.8 cm
Beggearn Huish Stage 51107 Washford River 17.2 cm
Bekesbourne Stage E4060 Nailbourne 77.4 cm
Belford Stage 021041 Belford Burn 18.4 cm
Bellever 2 46123 East Dart River 53.7 cm
Bellingham Stage 023037 River North Tyne 59.6 cm
Bell Lane Grill Stage E8730 Maod Winterbourne Stream 455.9 cm
Bells Bridge Strule 29.2 cm
Bell Weir Downstream Stage 2702th River Thames 260 cm
Bell Weir Stage 2702th River Thames 34.6 cm
Belmont Gwy (Wye) 37.9 cm
Belper Stage 4684 Coppice Brook 14.7 cm
Bembridge Tidal Level E14993 Maod Eastern Yar 84.6 cm
Benson Lock Downstream Stage 2001th River Thames 227.9 cm
Benson Lock Stage 2001th River Thames 16.6 cm
Bentham Bridge Stage 724320 River Wenning 13.3 cm
Bentley Ings Screen Stage L0962 Maod Fowler Bridge Drain 246.3 cm
Beragh Cloghfin 30.8 cm
Berkeley Stage 531192 Little Avon River 20.2 cm
Berneray Tide Gauge Sound Of Harris 125.8 cm
Berwick Tidal Level 021999 Maod River Tweed 22.3 cm
Bescot Stage 4081 River Tame 89.7 cm 5.73 m³/s
Besford Bridge Stage 2015 Bow Brook 18.1 cm
Betws Diserth (Disserth) Ieithon (Ithon) 28.1 cm
Beverley Shipyard Stage L3204 Maod River Hull 228.9 cm
Beverley Waterside Pumping Station Stage L3207 Maod Beverley And Barmston Drain -40.7 cm
Bewdley Stage 2001 River Severn 76.4 cm 18.53 m³/s
Bibury Stage 0660th River Coln 12.8 cm
Bickington Stage 46129 River Lemon 35.4 cm
Bidford On Avon Stage 2615 River Avon 132.4 cm
Biggleswade Stage E19023 River Ivel 20.7 cm
Billingborough Ousemere Stage E4483 South Forty Foot Drain 8.9 cm
Billingford Stage E23036 River Waveney 22 cm
Billingham Pennington Close Stage L3915 Cowbridge Beck 5.4 cm
Billinghay Stage E4803 Billinghay Skirth 69.4 cm
Bin Brook Stage E19035 Bin Brook 18.3 cm
Binfield Stage 2620th The Cut 15 cm
Bingley Stage F1608 River Aire 21.8 cm
Birkin Holme Washlands Stage L1815 River Aire 59.7 cm
Birkwood Stage L1303 River Calder 69.1 cm
Birstall Smithies Stage L1377 Batley Beck 1.9 cm
Birstwith Stage F2106 River Nidd 13 cm
Bishopbridge Stage E2846 River Rase 7.2 cm
Bishop Monkton Stage L2221 Bishop Monkton Beck 15.9 cm
Bishops Avenue Stage 4317th River Ravensbourne 48.5 cm
Bishops Hull Stage 52109 River Tone 22.1 cm
Bishops Stortford, Grange Paddocks Stage 5141th River Stort 30.2 cm
Bishopstoke Stage E12483 River Itchen 65.5 cm
Bissoe Stage 48137 Carnon River 28.7 cm
Bitton Stage 53131 River Boyd 12.7 cm
Black Bull Road Stage 1285so Pent Stream 7.7 cm
Blackburn Waterfall Stage 713118 River Darwen 52.8 cm
Blackford Bridge Stage 690205 River Roch 7.3 cm
Blackhall Mill Stage 023044 River Derwent 12 cm
Blackstones Farm Stage F2125 River Crimple 19.2 cm
Blacktoft Stage L24012 Maod River Ouse 375.5 cm
Blackwater Bridge Stage 2431th River Blackwater 134.7 cm
Blairston Clyde 31.4 cm
Blakes Lock Downstream Stage 2298th River Kennet 186.6 cm
Blakes Lock Stage 2298th River Kennet 9.9 cm
Blandford Stage 43210 River Stour 15.7 cm
Bleach Green Weir Stage 744111 River Ehen 33.3 cm
Blennerhasset Bridge Stage 754008 River Ellen 64.3 cm
Bletchley Stage E21505 River Ouzel 32.8 cm
Blewbury Stage 2020th Mill Brook 14.9 cm
Bloxham Stage 1431th Bloxham Brook 69.3 cm
Blue Bridge Stage 713122 River Darwen 20.1 cm
Blunham Stage E21647 River Ivel 26.4 cm
Blythe Bridge Stage 4159 River Blithe 31.4 cm
Blyth Stage 4091 River Ryton 82 cm 3.75 m³/s
Blyth Tidal Level 022999 Maod North Sea 84 cm
Boat O Brig Spey 36.3 cm
Boat Of Garten Spey 55 cm
Bodfford (Bodffordd) Cefni 12.4 cm
Bodiam Avenue Relief Channel Stage 2425 Daniels Brook 29.3 cm
Bodiam Avenue Stage 2225 Daniels Brook -0.7 cm
Bodicote Downstream Stage 1437th Sor Brook -28.8 cm
Bodicote Stage 1437th Sor Brook 11.1 cm
Bodmin Dunmere Stage 49182 River Camel 95.7 cm
Bodmin St Petrocs Well Stage 49153 Bodmin Town Leat 3.2 cm
Bognor Stage E10943 Maod Aldingbourne Rife 13.1 cm
Boleside Tweed 46.4 cm
Bolingey Cocks Bridge Stage 48110 Bolingey Stream 20.6 cm
Bollington Mill Stage 693515 River Bollin 31.9 cm
Bolton Bridge Stage L08013 River Dearne 38.8 cm
Bolton By Bowland Hellifield Rd Stage 710200 Kirk Beck 3.7 cm
Bolton Percy Stage L2013 Maod River Wharfe 514.5 cm
Bondend Road Stage 2667 River Twyver 22 cm
Bonehayne Stage 45217 River Coly 9.5 cm
Bonehurst Bridge Stage 3235th Burstow Stream 181.8 cm
Bonnybridge Bonny Water 43.9 cm
Bont Alyn, Yr Orsedd (Rossett Alyn Bridge) Alun (Alyn) 22.1 cm
Bont Leadmill, Y Wyddgrug (Mold Leadmill Bridge) Alun (Alyn) 14.7 cm
Bontnewydd Gwyrfai 28.5 cm
Borehamwood Stage 2821th Borehamwood Brook 87.2 cm
Boreton Bridge Stage 2608 Cound Brook 18.4 cm
Borgie Bridge Borgie 32.3 cm
Boroughbridge 1 L2210 Maod River Tutt 1186.5 cm
Boroughbridge Stage L2201 Maod River Ure 983.3 cm
Borough Bridge Weir Stage E12551 Candover Stream 22.2 cm
Borough Grove Stage 2438so Maod Petersfield Stream 5911 cm
Bosbury Stage 2255 River Leadon 2.9 cm
Boscadjack Stage 48138 River Cober 30.6 cm
Boscastle County Bridge Stage 49174 River Valency 29.1 cm
Boscastle New Mills 1 49124 River Valency 90 cm
Bosham Moreton Road Stage E11090 Bosham Stream 21.4 cm
Bossington Stage E13300 Wallop Brook 16.5 cm
Botcherby Bridge, Carlisle Stage 764070 River Petteril 53.8 cm
Boulters Lock Downstream Stage 2602th River Thames 252.4 cm
Boulters Lock Stage 2602th River Thames 22.5 cm
Bourn Brook Stage E24805 Bourn Brook 26 cm
Bourne End Wye Stage 2590th River Wye 24 cm
Bournemouth Tidal Level E71939 Maod Mean Tide 15.5 cm
Bourton Dickler Downstream Stage 1029th River Dikler -27.4 cm
Bourton Dickler Stage 1029th River Dikler 12.9 cm
Bourton Windrush Downstream Stage 1020th River Windrush -16.4 cm
Bourton Windrush Stage 1020th River Windrush 15.2 cm
Bovey Parke Stage 46133 River Bovey 41.5 cm
Bovey Tracey Wifford Footbridge Stage E81959 River Bovey Tributary 41.4 cm
Bow Bridge Abbey Road Downstream Stage 738345 Poaka Beck 12.8 cm
Bow Bridge Abbey Road Stage 738345 Poaka Beck 18.3 cm
Bowling Bank Clywedog (Afon Ddyfrdwy) (Clywedog (Dee)) 14.9 cm
Bowston Stage 730120 River Kent 22.5 cm
Boxford Stage E21852 River Box 120.1 cm
Boygrift Tidal Level E1538 Maod Tide 324.5 cm
Boynton Stage F3004 Gypsey Race 18.6 cm
Bracebridge Stage E1594 River Witham 41.4 cm
Brackley Stage E23726 River Great Ouse 42.2 cm
Bradbury Stage F3707 River Skerne 23.2 cm
Bradford Greenside Stage L1656 Bradford Beck 90.6 cm
Bradford On Avon Stage 53155 River Avon 100.2 cm
Bradley Bridge Stage 531118 Bradley Brook -2.9 cm
Bradney Stage E9531 Kings Sedgemoor Drain 263.4 cm
Bradninch Hele Station Road Stage E71333 River Culm 105.8 cm
Bradwell Stage 4693 Bradwell Brook 26.5 cm
Bradworthy Stage 50146 River Waldon 27.4 cm
Braevallich Abhainn A Bhealaich 51.2 cm
Bragbury Park Stage 4827th Stevenage Brook 5.9 cm
Braidlie Hermitage Water 5.8 cm
Bramham Screens Stage L2035 Bramham Beck 22.5 cm
Bramley Stage 3069th Cranleigh Waters 0.18 m³/s
Brampton Moat Side Stage 763404 Brampton Beck 4.5 cm
Brampton Racecourse Stage E21713 Alconbury Brook 9.8 cm
Brampton Sluice Stage E61201 River Great Ouse 15.8 cm
Bramshill Downstream Stage 2458th River Hart 25.5 cm
Bramshill Stage 2458th River Hart 25.4 cm
Brandeston Stage E21397 River Deben 23.6 cm
Brandy Wharf Stage E40684 River Ancholme 48.7 cm
Bransbury Stage E13851 River Dever 57.8 cm
Bransford Stage 2086 River Teme 49.7 cm
Bransholme Great Culvert Pumping Station Downstream Stage L3243 Maod Holderness Drain 3.6 cm
Bransholme Great Culvert Pumping Station Stage L3243 Maod Holderness Drain -211.1 cm
Brant Broughton Stage E2815 River Brant 11.5 cm
Braughing Stage 4939th River Quin 13.3 cm
Braunton Butts Bridge Stage 50189 River Caen 54.6 cm
Braunton Stage 50124 River Caen (Tidal) 416.5 cm
Brayford Pool Stage E1608 River Witham 33.4 cm
Bray Lock Downstream Stage 2607th River Thames 260.3 cm
Bray Lock Stage 2607th River Thames 27.3 cm
Braystones Stage 744312 River Ehen 41.3 cm
Brearley Stage L12041 River Calder 9.9 cm
Breaston Stage 4687 Golden Brook 38.3 cm
Brechin South Esk (Angus) 14.1 cm
Brede Sluice Gate Stage E6120 Maod River Brede 5338.4 cm
Bredon Stage 2128 River Avon 75 cm 8.5 m³/s
Bredwardine Gwy (Wye) 37.9 cm
Brendon Stage 50150 East Lyn River 126.8 cm
Brent Cross Stage 3820th River Brent 9.1 cm
Brentford Stage 3892th River Brent 23.5 cm
Brent, Monks Park Stage 3850th River Brent 7.5 cm
Brewery Grill Stage E13463 Maod Oxlease Drain 1694.7 cm
Brewhurst Mill Stage E9941 River Lox -141.2 cm
Briantspuddle Stage 44206 River Piddle 28 cm
Bridgemuir Kinnel Water 85.3 cm
Bridgend Kelvin 58.6 cm
Bridge Of Allan Allan Water 48.7 cm
Bridge Of Earn Earn 251.6 cm
Bridge Of Teith Teith 64.3 cm
Bridge Rule Stage 47131 River Tamar 28.5 cm
Bridge Trafford Stage 684027 River Gowy 41.1 cm
Bridgham Stage E22152 River Thet 18.7 cm
Bridgnorth Stage 2180 River Severn 63.5 cm
Bridlington Tidal Level L3001 North Sea 240.3 cm
Brigflats Stage 723423 River Rawthey 65.4 cm
Brigg Stage E2790 River Ancholme 122.6 cm
Briggswath Stage F2902 River Esk 48.9 cm
Brighouse Stage L1202 River Calder -130.4 cm
Brigsley Stage E1013 Waithe Beck 13.1 cm
Brigstock Stage E1633 Harpers Brook 5.9 cm
Brimpton Downstream Stage 2279th River Enborne -63.6 cm
Brimpton Stage 2279th River Enborne 15.5 cm
Brimscombe Stage 2205 River Frome (Severn) 75.3 cm
Brinksway Stage 692524 River Mersey 45.4 cm
Brinkworth Brook Stage 531183 Brinkworth Brook 18.2 cm
Brislington Stage 53138 Brislington Brook 5.5 cm
Bristol Harbour Passage Street Stage 531109 Bristol Frome 614.7 cm
Brixton Deverill Stage 43116 River Wylye 14.1 cm
Brixworth Stage E2129 River Nene 6 cm
Broadeye Bridge Stage 4703 River Sow 70.6 cm
Broad Green Stage E22518 Bumpstead Brook 4.7 cm
Broadway Flood Storage Area Stage 2529 Badsey Brook 68.8 cm
Broadway Foot Stage F2508 River Rye 13.8 cm
Broadwey Stage 44109 River Wey 22.1 cm
Brockenhurst Stage E14270 Lymington 26.6 cm
Brockhoperig Ettrick Water 45.2 cm
Brodie Muckle Burn 34.6 cm
Brokenborough Stage 53136 Tetbury Avon 15.4 cm
Broken Scar Stage F3501 River Tees 69.5 cm
Bromham Stage E26141 Maod River Great Ouse 2907 cm
Bromley Downstream Stage 4320th River Ravensbourne -23 cm
Bromley South Stage 4319th River Ravensbourne 5.3 cm
Bromley Stage 4320th River Ravensbourne 3.9 cm
Brompton Stage L2325 Brompton Beck 8.1 cm
Bromsgrove Burcot Avenue Stage 2544 Spadesbourne Brook 27.9 cm
Bromsgrove Factory Lane Stage 2545 Spadesbourne Brook 66.9 cm
Bromyard Stage 055040 River Frome (Wye) 20 cm
Brookhouse Farm Stage 4165 Ford Green Brook 22.1 cm
Brooklands Stage 3089th River Wey 73.1 cm
Brookvale Road Stage 4878 River Tame 75.3 cm
Broomfleet Weighton Lock Stage L3401 Maod Weighton Lock -30.4 cm
Broom Stage 2104 River Arrow 17.9 cm
Broomstairs Bridge Stage 692422 River Tame 21.9 cm
Brough Tidal Level L3491 Maod Brough Clough 376.8 cm
Broughton Hall Stage L1540 Broughton Beck 11.9 cm
Broughton Stage E21408 Broughton Brook 17.8 cm
Brough West Clough Stage L3402 West Clough 240.4 cm
Browndown Stage E11350 River Alver 51 cm
Brown Howe Stage 737536 Coniston Water 68 cm
Brown Mill Stage E4370 Great Stour 18 cm
Browns Bridge Stage E6642 Dudwell Tributary Rother -12.3 cm
Brownshill Stage E24255 River Great Ouse 34.7 cm
Brownwich Pond Stage 2512so Maod Brownwich Stream 110.7 cm
Bruachrobie Brora 82.4 cm
Brundall Tidal Level E24835 Maod River Yare 27.6 cm
Brushford Stage 45121 River Barle 32.8 cm
Bruton Dam Stage 52208 River Brue 29.2 cm
Bruton Surgery Stage 52211 River Brue 23.4 cm
Brydekirk Annan 86.9 cm
Brynbuga (Usk Town) Wysg (Usk) 23.9 cm
Brynkinalt Ceiriog 30.3 cm
Brynmenyn Ogwr (Ogmore) 40 cm
Bryn Tail (Bryntail) Clywedog (Afon Hafren) (Clywedog (Severn)) 14.1 cm
Bubwith Bridge Stage L2803 Maod River Derwent 258.1 cm
Buckfastleigh Higher Town Bridge Stage 46165 River Mardle 52.2 cm
Buckfastleigh Kingcombe Court Stage E71283 Dean Burn 61.3 cm
Buckie Moray Firth -156.1 cm
Buckingham Stage E25055 River Great Ouse 16.7 cm
Bucklebury Downstream Stage 2150th River Pang 31 cm
Bucklebury Stage 2150th River Pang 30.7 cm
Buckley Farm Stage 2834 Pentre Brook 31.7 cm
Bucknall Downstream Stage 4040 River Trent -43.9 cm
Bucknall Stage 4040 River Trent 9.2 cm
Budbridge Stage E14820 Eastern Yar 15.2 cm
Budleigh Salterton Station Road Stage E84049 Knowle Stream 11.5 cm
Budleigh South Farm Road West Bridge Stage E85263 River Otter 133.8 cm
Budleigh South Farm Road White Bridge Stage E84429 River Otter 108.2 cm
Buildwas Stage 2134 River Severn 441.9 cm 16.29 m³/s
Bull Gill Stage 754016 River Ellen 34 cm
Bulwell Stage 4203 River Leen 34.2 cm
Buntingford Stage 4912th River Rib 6.8 cm
Burcote Stage 2024 River Worfe 20.7 cm
Bures Bridge Stage E21856 River Stour 25.7 cm
Burford Bridge Stage 2634 Ledwyche Brook 58.2 cm
Burgh Castle Tidal Level E24812 Maod River Yare 29.2 cm
Burgh St Peter Tidal Level E23052 Maod River Waveney 11.4 cm
Burlington Road Stage 4683 River Wye 51 cm
Burlington Stage 2884 River Worfe 10.6 cm
Burnbanks Stage 761103 Haweswater Beck 9.7 cm
Burn Bridge Stage F2120 River Crimple 5.9 cm
Burndennet Burn Dennet 262.9 cm
Burn Hall Stage 024005 River Browney 15.2 cm
Burnt House Stage E14722 Eastern Yar 34.6 cm
Burrow Beck Stage 724700 Burrow Beck 9.8 cm
Burstwick Hall Road Bridge Stage F3316 Maod Burstwick Drain 40.6 cm
Burton Bradstock Stage 44120 River Bride 26.1 cm
Burwash Stage E6600 River Rother 11.5 cm
Bury Ground Stage 690160 River Irwell 27 cm
Buscot Lock Downstream Stage 0898th River Thames 163 cm
Buscot Lock Stage 0898th River Thames 9.6 cm
Bush Stage 49113 River Strat 23.7 cm
Buttercrambe Stage F2807 River Derwent 11.9 cm
Butts Beck James Terrace Stage 738360 Poaka Beck 1.2 cm
Buxted Stage E8190 River Uck 10.8 cm
Buxton Stage 4197 River Wye 11.9 cm
Buxton Stage 4682 Hogshaw Brook 22.1 cm
Byton Llugwy (Lugg) 35 cm
Bywell Stage 023001 River Tyne 104 cm
Caban Elan Elan 37.8 cm
Cabrach Allt Deveron 41.9 cm
Cademuir Manor Water -0.2 cm
Cae Howel Stage 2831 River Severn 75.3 cm
Cae Howel Stage 2833 New Cut 93.9 cm
Caersws Hafren (Severn) 87.6 cm
Caker Stream Downstream Stage 3015th Caker Stream -0.4 cm
Caker Stream Stage 3015th Caker Stream 4.9 cm
Caldbeck Gill Beck Bridge Stage 765005 Gill Beck 25.4 cm
Calder Drive, Kendal Downstream Stage 730513 Stock Beck 10.6 cm
Calder Drive, Kendal Stage 730513 Stock Beck 13.2 cm
Calder Hall Stage 743509 River Calder 26.3 cm
Calgarth Stage 735328 Trout Beck 54.5 cm
Callander Teith 27 cm
Callerton Lane Stage 022013 River Pont 28.9 cm
Calne Stage 531112 River Marden 19.2 cm
Calthorpe Park Stage 4039 River Rea 56.1 cm
Cambridge Baits Bite Stage E60101 River Cam 26.1 cm
Cambridge Byron's Pool Stage E21732 River Rhee 45.2 cm
Cambridge Jesus Lock Stage E60501 River Cam 72.7 cm
Cambridge Stage 2603 River Cam 18.5 cm
Camelford Enfield Park Stage 49163 River Camel 21.6 cm
Camisky Lochy (Lochaber) 56.8 cm
Camowen Terrace Camowen 100.1 cm
Campsie Bridge Drumragh 77.5 cm
Camus Bann 185.4 cm
Camusvrachan Lyon 65 cm
Candermill Cander Water 6.8 cm
Canklow Regulator Downstream Stage L0301 Maod River Rother 2394.5 cm
Canklow Regulator Stage L0301 Maod River Rother 2394.7 cm
Canklow Washlands Stage L0302 Ulley Brook 10.4 cm
Cannington Stage 52151 Cannington Brook 38.6 cm
Cannock Stage 4176 Ridings Brook 20.8 cm
Canonbie Esk (Solway) 91.9 cm
Canonbie Stage 780001 River Esk 87.3 cm
Cantley Tidal Level E23060 Maod River Yare 11 cm
Canworthy Water Bridge 1 47175 River Ottery 23.6 cm
Capel Dewi Tywi 69.3 cm
Capenoch Scar Water 66.9 cm
Cappenham Stage E21042 River Tove 20.2 cm
Caputh Tay 36.3 cm
Cardington Stage E44566 River Great Ouse 131.1 cm
Carisbrook Mill Stage E14811 Lukely Brook 14.5 cm
Carlisle Raffles Avenue Stage 765600 Parham Beck 5 cm
Carlton Bridge Stage L1801 River Aire -51.9 cm
Carlton On Trent Stage 4199 River Trent 226.4 cm
Carlton Stage 4208 Ouse Dyke 16.4 cm
Carnbane Bessbrook 7.8 cm
Carnwood Stage 47121 River Plym 40.5 cm
Carron (Stonehaven) Carron Water -0.9 cm
Carry Bridge Stage 712170 Colne Water 7 cm
Carshalton Ponds Stage 4159th River Wandle 16.2 cm
Cartlett Brook Nant Cartlett (Cartlett Brook) 25.7 cm
Cartmel Wheelhouse Bridge Stage 732003 Eea River 43.7 cm
Cassington Weir A Stage 1290-W1th River Evenlode 16.1 cm
Cassington Weir B Stage 1290-W2th River Evenlode 22.5 cm
Castle Bridge Croston Stage 700448 River Yarrow 54 cm
Castle Bytham Stage E4482 River Tham 11.9 cm
Castlederg Derg 50.8 cm
Castle Farm Stage 4094 River Blythe 60.2 cm
Castleford Stage L1703 River Aire 111.6 cm
Castle Foregate Stage 2125 Bagley Brook 25.1 cm
Castlehill Reservoir Devon 19.9 cm
Castle Howe Stage 751020 Bassenthwaite Lake 94.8 cm
Castle Mill Stage E21034 River Great Ouse 10.6 cm
Castle O'er White Esk 77.9 cm
Castle Rising Stage E21050 Babingley River 20.2 cm
Castleton Stage L2907 River Esk 12.8 cm
Castlewellan Road Shimna 43.6 cm
Catcliffe Drain Stage L0313 Maod Catcliffe Drain 2564.2 cm
Catcliffe Stage L0303 Maod River Rother 2542.9 cm
Catford Hill Stage 4370th River Ravensbourne 10 cm
Caton Stage 724629 River Lune 47.1 cm
Catrine Ayr 18.8 cm
Catterall Stage 720535 River Wyre 702.8 cm
Catterick Bridge Stage F2306 River Swale 31.9 cm
Catterick Brough Park Stage L2363 Brough Beck 16.7 cm
Catterick Garrison Stage L2373 Sour Beck 5.9 cm
Catterick Village Stage L2361 Brough Beck 25.8 cm
Causey Bridge Stage 694039 Sankey Brook 24.7 cm
Caversham Lock Downstream Stage 2201th River Thames 169.4 cm
Caversham Lock Stage 2201th River Thames 15.6 cm
Cawood Stage L2403 Maod River Ouse 64.5 cm
Cei Aberteifi (Cardigan Quay) Teifi 4.3 cm
Cerney Wick Downstream Stage 0290th River Churn -0.4 cm
Cerney Wick Stage 0290th River Churn 17.4 cm
Chafford Stage E1541 River Medway 15.8 cm
Chalford Stage 2617 River Frome (Severn) 10.4 cm
Chalgrove Downstream Stage 1984th Chalgrove Brook 41.6 cm
Chalgrove Stage 1984th Chalgrove Brook 113 cm
Chandler's Ford Stage E12520 Monks Brook 11.2 cm
Chapel Haddlesey Stage L1803 River Aire 0.1 cm
Chapel Hill Stage E4403 River Witham 100.8 cm
Chapeltoun Gauging Station Annick Water 41.1 cm
Chapel Wood Groundwater Su47-28 Maod Groundwater Level 11041.9 cm
Charlton Kings Stage 2139 River Chelt 33.3 cm
Charlton Tidal Level 0003 Maod Thames Tideway -77.4 cm
Charmouth Stage 44115 River Char 41.2 cm
Charney Bassett Stage 1757th River Ock 53.8 cm
Chart Leacon Stage E4330 Great Stour 16.2 cm
Chatburn Pendle Avenue Stage 710401 Heys Brook 3.5 cm
Chatsworth Stage 4043 River Derwent 105.8 cm
Cheddar Gorge 1 52229 Cheddar Yeo 11.7 cm
Cherry Farm Stage F2570 Hodge Beck 19.8 cm
Chertsey Bourne Stage 2928th Chertsey Bourne 0.31 m³/s
Chertsey Lock Downstream Stage 2902th River Thames 275.7 cm
Chertsey Lock Stage 2902th River Thames 24 cm
Chesham Stage 2852th River Chess 55.7 cm
Cheshunt, Rosedale Way Stage 5308th Rags Brook 80.6 cm
Cheshunt, Trinity Lane Stage 5322th Theobalds Brook 42.5 cm
Cheshunt, Windmill Lane Stage 5318th Small River Lee 52.2 cm
Chesterfield Ashgate Stage L02203 Holme Brook 1.6 cm
Chesterfield Avenue Washlands Stage L0208 River Rother 16 cm
Chesterfield Calow Lane Stage L0245 Calow Brook 14.7 cm
Chesterfield Park Road Bridge Stage L0233 River Hipper 2.7 cm
Chesterfield Stage L0235 River Hipper 36.4 cm
Chesterfield St Augustines Stage L0207 River Rother 21 cm
Chesterfield Tapton Bridge Stage L0204 River Rother 9.2 cm
Chester-Le-Street Stage 024009 River Wear 37.2 cm
Chesters Jed Water 40.4 cm
Chestnut Road Stage 690350 Worsley Brook 4.3 cm
Cheswick Green Stage 4129 River Blythe 41.1 cm
Chetnole Stage 52130 River Wriggle 11.7 cm
Chew Magna Level Stage 53183 Winford Brook 19.6 cm
Chew Stoke Stage 53139 Chew Stoke Brook 7.7 cm
Chewton Glen Stage E14261 Walkford Brook 11 cm
Cheyney Close Stage 2277 Sud Brook -0.2 cm
Chichester Tozer Way Stage E11100 Maod River Lavant 1316.1 cm
Chilbolton Side Stage E13823 River Test 76 cm
Childswickham Stage 2528 Badsey Brook 17.2 cm
Chinbrook Park Stage 4386th River Quaggy 2.3 cm
Chineham Stage 2406th Petty's Brook 22.4 cm
Chingford Stage 5376th Ching Brook 24.4 cm
Chipping Ongar Downstream Stage 5427th Cripsey Brook -22.4 cm
Chipping Ongar Stage 5427th Cripsey Brook 10.1 cm
Chipping Sodbury Stage 53192 Bristol Frome 42.1 cm
Chipstead Groundwater Tq25-86 Maod Groundwater Level 9770.7 cm
Chiselborough Stage 52116 River Parrett 8.6 cm
Chiswell Tidal Level 44111 Maod Dorset Coast 61 cm
Chitterne Down Groundwater 43171 Maod Groundwater Level 9082.5 cm
Chollerford Stage 023028 River North Tyne 37.3 cm
Chorley Haworth Road Stage 700405 Black Brook 15.3 cm
Christchurch Tidal Level 43106 Maod Christchurch Coast 0.9 cm
Chudleigh Bridge Stage 46135 River Teign 62.6 cm
Chulmleigh Stage 50125 Little Dart River 38.5 cm
Churchend Stage E22843 River Chelmer 16 cm
Churchill Avenue Downstream Stage 1934th Southcourt Brook 67.5 cm
Churchill Avenue Stage 1934th Southcourt Brook 70.2 cm
Churchover Stage 2117 River Swift 13.4 cm
Church Stretton Stage 2705 Ash Brook 9.6 cm
Church View Stage 744131 Skirting Beck 31.3 cm
Church Warsop Stage 4032 River Meden 26.1 cm
Church Wilne Stage 4067 River Derwent 58 cm
Cil-Ffriw (Cilfrew) Dulais Ar Nedd (Dulais On Neath) 25.6 cm
Cilmeri (Cilmery) Irfon 33.1 cm
Cirencester Downstream Stage 0260th River Churn 4.3 cm
Cirencester Stage 0260th River Churn 20.9 cm
City Mill Stage E12450 River Itchen 47.8 cm
Clachnaharry Beauly Firth -168.7 cm
Clacton Pier Tidal Level E24861 Maod Essex Coast -45.5 cm
Clady Bridge Clady 22.4 cm
Clady Bridge Finn 104.4 cm
Claggan Nevis 32 cm
Clanfield Stage 0911th Clanfield Brook 69.9 cm
Clarendon Groundwater 43168 Maod Groundwater Level 6393.9 cm
Clarion Close Nant Y Fendrod 8.3 cm
Clavering Stage 5112th River Stort 5.3 cm
Clay Coton Stage 2649 Clay Coton Brook 18.7 cm
Claypole Stage E2901 River Witham 17.8 cm
Cleckheaton Hightown Road Stage L1389 Blacup Beck -4.2 cm
Cleckheaton Thornton Street Stage L1388b Spen Beck 6.3 cm
Cleeve Lock Downstream Stage 2002th River Thames 228.9 cm
Cleeve Lock Stage 2002th River Thames 6.6 cm
Cleobury Mortimer Stage 2552 Pudding Brook 2.3 cm
Clifford Bridge Stage 46124 River Teign 33 cm
Clifton Bridge Stage 4126 River Trent 94.5 cm
Clifton Hall Stage 4175 River Mease 23.1 cm
Clifton Ings Outfall Stage L2408 Maod River Ouse 524.3 cm
Clifton Lock Downstream Stage 1801th River Thames 190.2 cm
Clifton Lock Stage 1801th River Thames 18.6 cm
Clipstone Brook Stage E21987 Clipstone Brook 7.7 cm
Clog Y Fran Taf 93.3 cm
Clomoney Way Stage 2221 Horsbere Brook 38.3 cm
Clungunford Stage 2056 River Clun 20.7 cm
Clyse Hole Stage 52206 River Brue 19.9 cm
Clyst Honiton Stage 45130 River Clyst 61.5 cm
Clyst St Mary Millstream Footbridge Stage E84443 River Clyst Tributary 209.3 cm
Clyst St Mary Millstream Outfall Stage E84323 River Clyst Tributary 161.6 cm
Coalburn Beck Stage 763117 Coal Burn 37.2 cm
Cock Beck Sluices Stage L2024 Maod River Wharfe 360.1 cm
Cockfield Stage E21058 River Brett 5 cm
Codford Stage 43117 Chitterne Brook 5.6 cm
Cogenhoe Stage E2119 River Nene 46.6 cm
Coldgate Mill Stage 021030 Wooler Water 7.7 cm
Cold Harbour Stage 1675th Hinksey Stream 90.1 cm
Coldstream Leet Water 40.5 cm
Colesbrook Stage 43207 Shreen Water 15.6 cm
Colindale Downstream Stage 3829th Silk Stream -10.2 cm
Colindale Stage 3829th Silk Stream 15 cm
Colinton Water Of Leith 13.6 cm
Collard Bridge Stage 50114 River Yeo 29.5 cm
College Road Stage 2223 River Chelt 18 cm
Collier Row Stage 5518th River Rom 39.7 cm
Colliers Land Bridge Stage E651 River Medway 28.6 cm
Collingham Stage L2005 River Wharfe 46.3 cm
Colliston Colliston Burn 33.9 cm
Colliters Brook Stage 53137 Colliters Brook 1 cm
Collyhurst Weir Stage 690611 River Irk 13.9 cm
Colne Barrier Tidal Level E24323 Maod Essex Coast -51.7 cm
Colne Bridge Stage F1102 River Colne 30.4 cm
Colney Street Stage 2819th River Ver 31.7 cm
Colsterworth Stage E1652 River Witham 10.3 cm
Colston Bassett Stage 4155 River Smite 49.5 cm
Colwick Stage 4009 River Trent 117 cm
Colyton Station Road Stage E85103 River Coly 52.7 cm
Combe Martin Bowling Green Lane Stage 50196 River Umber 7.2 cm
Comber Enler 18.6 cm
Comberton Stage E19031 Bourn Brook 10.7 cm
Compstall Stage 692190 River Etherow 11.9 cm
Compton Dando Stage 53125 River Chew 58.2 cm
Comrie Bridge Lyon 59.8 cm
Conagar Bridge Stage E13404 River Test 52.4 cm
Condorrat Luggie Water 30.3 cm
Coney Gut Stage 50126 Coney Gut 48.2 cm
Congleton Park Stage 681006 River Dane 10.7 cm
Congresbury 1 E7532 Congresbury Yeo 554.2 cm
Coniston Church Bridge Stage 737526 Church Beck 70.1 cm
Connswater Conn's Water -139.1 cm
Conon Bridge Conon 193.8 cm
Cononley Stage L1505 River Aire -18.7 cm
Cookham Lock Downstream Stage 2601th River Thames 278.8 cm
Cookham Lock Stage 2601th River Thames 10.1 cm
Coombe Cellars Tidal Level 46110 River Teign 173.7 cm
Copford Hall Stage E22778 River Pant 10.2 cm
Copley Bridge Stage L1203 River Calder 28.4 cm
Copley Stage 024014 River Gaunless 8.7 cm
Corbridge Stage 023021 River Tyne 62.5 cm
Cored Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy Weir) Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy) 9.5 cm
Cored Green Park (Green Park Weir) Afan 307.5 cm
Cored Marcroft (Marcroft Weir) Afan 39.3 cm
Cored Rhuthun (Ruthin Weir) Clwyd 30.9 cm
Cored Trostre (Trostrey Weir) Wysg (Usk) 23.6 cm
Cornwood Stage 47132 River Yealm 22.8 cm
Corpach Loch Linnhe 179.4 cm
Corpusty Stage E21836 River Bure 14 cm
Corsham 1 531186 River Avon 3 cm
Corwen Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 49.5 cm
Cosford River Stage 2046 River Worfe 9.1 cm
Cottingham Hallgate Stage L3238 Broadlane Beck 9.1 cm
Cottingley Bridge Stage L1607 River Aire 33.9 cm
Court Place Farm Stage 45218 River Yarty 28.1 cm
Cove Hazel Avenue Stage 2423th Cove Brook 77.3 cm
Coven Stage 4177 River Penk 46.8 cm
Covington Stage E21324 River Kym 12.6 cm
Cowbeech Stage E78420 River Cuckmere 4.5 cm
Cowbridge South Esk (Lothian) 31 cm
Cowbridge Stage E10170 Maud Foster Stonebridge Drain 92.5 cm
Cowes Tidal Level E15040 Maod Tide -110.4 cm
Cowley Bridge Stage 45117 River Creedy 24.6 cm
Cox's Flume Stage 2654 River Chelt 37.2 cm
Cox's Meadow Storage Area Stage 2635 River Chelt -14.9 cm
Crabble Mill Stage E5080 River Dour 21.6 cm
Crabb Mill Stage 53154 Woodbridge Brook 10.3 cm
Crag Hall Stage 023016 Ouse Burn 19.1 cm
Craigard Garry (Ness) 41.1 cm
Craig Clungwyn Doethie 37.7 cm
Craig Douglas Yarrow Water 26.8 cm
Craigend Gryfe 11 cm
Craigendarroch Aline 133.8 cm
Craigforth Forth 41.5 cm
Craighall (Perth) Ericht 107.5 cm
Craigiehall Almond (Lothian) 31.4 cm
Craigshill Wood Stage 49115 St Neot River 34.8 cm
Craig Y Nos Tawe 40.3 cm
Crakehill Stage F2302 River Swale 28.7 cm
Cranford Park Stage 3660th River Crane 6 cm
Cranleigh Downstream Stage 3065th Littlemead Brook 101.8 cm
Cranleigh Stage 3065th Littlemead Brook 126.9 cm
Cranwell Line Sluice Stage E4405 River Slea 6.1 cm
Craven Arms Stage 2547 Field Drain 22.2 cm
Crayford Stage E15260 River Cray 25.3 cm
Creed Bridge Creed 26.2 cm
Creeting Stage E23115 Stonham Watercourse 18.5 cm
Cresswell Stage 4863 River Blithe 14.4 cm
Crew Green Hafren (Severn) 38.9 cm
Crew Green Stage 2175 River Severn 38.7 cm
Cricklade Downstream Stage 0190th River Thames 13.8 cm
Cricklade Stage 0190th River Thames 18 cm
Crieff Earn 38.9 cm
Criftin Ford Bridge Stage 2537 River Teme 95.6 cm
Croft Monk End Farm Stage L3693 Clow Beck 73.2 cm
Croft Stage L3609 River Tees 67.2 cm
Cromarty Cromarty Firth -168.2 cm
Cromer Tidal Level E71239 Maod Mean Tide 246.6 cm
Crondall Bridge Stage 2450th River Hart 19.9 cm
Crondall Pond Stage 2451th River Hart 37 cm
Cronfa Ddwr Wysg (Usk Reservoir) Wysg (Usk) 8.3 cm
Crookham Village Stage 2455th River Hart 47.9 cm
Crook West Bridge Street Stage 024030 Crook Beck 3.1 cm
Cropple How Stage 742006 River Esk 55.6 cm
Cropredy Bridge Stage 1416th River Cherwell 138 cm
Crosh Owenkillew 48.4 cm
Crossens Pumping Station 6 700016 The Sluice 160.8 cm
Cross Hills Stage F1525 Eastburn Beck 15.3 cm
Crosslands Drive Stage E11320 River Lavant 8.4 cm
Croston Dam Stage 700406 River Yarrow 44.7 cm
Croston Stage 700408 River Yarrow 28.2 cm
Crowford Bridge Stage 47133 River Tamar 17 cm
Crowhurst Stage Se7050 Maod Combe Haven 494.4 cm
Croxley Green Stage 2849th River Gade 21.9 cm
Crucywel (Crickhowell) Wysg (Usk) -6.2 cm
Crudgington Stage 2170 River Strine 44.4 cm 1.19 m³/s
Cuddington Stage 1930th River Thame 118.1 cm
Culfork Don 30.8 cm
Culham Lock Downstream Stage 1799th River Thames 188.9 cm
Culham Lock Stage 1799th River Thames 28 cm
Cullen Burn Of Deskford 28.6 cm
Cullompton Langlands Stage 45192 Crow Green Stream 9 cm
Cullompton Swallow Way Stage E84089 Cole Brook 31.8 cm
Culmstock Stage 45133 River Culm 17.6 cm
Cultybraggan Ruchill Water 53.1 cm
Cummersdale Stage 765013 River Caldew 39.3 cm
Cundy Cross Stage L0808 River Dearne 13.9 cm
Cunninghamhead Annick Water 9.4 cm
Currymoor Pumping Station Stage 52118 Maod River Tone 492.3 cm
Currymoor Pumping Station Stage 52127 Maod Currymoor Drain 447.3 cm
Cutters Wharf Lagan 9.7 cm
Cwmafan Afan 13.5 cm
Cwmlanerch Conwy 102.9 cm
Cwm Ogwr (Ogmore Vale) Ogwr Fawr 3.5 cm
Cwm Rheidol Rheidol 33.1 cm
Cwm,stryd Elm (Cwm, Elm Street) Ebwy (Ebbw) 24.9 cm
Cwmystwyth Ystwyth 20.8 cm
Cynefail Gelyn 18.2 cm
Dacre Bridge Stage 761706 Dacre Beck 29.5 cm
Dakyn Road Inlet Stage 46109 Bushby Brook 55.4 cm
Dalbeattie Urr Water 73.3 cm
Daldowie Clyde 40.9 cm
Dalgig Nith 45.8 cm
Dalginross Earn 10 cm
Dalhousie Bridge West Water 23.7 cm
Dalmore North Esk (Lothian) 6.6 cm
Dalry Garnock 43.2 cm
Dalton Cricket Club Stage 738348 The Yarl 28.2 cm
Dalton Stage F2313 Cod Beck 101 cm
Damleys Cottage Greens Burn 4.5 cm
Dane End Stage 4868th River Beane 89.3 cm
Darfield Bridge Stage L08015 River Dearne 27 cm
Darlaston Stage 4083 River Trent 1.55 m³/s
Darlington Faverdale Stage L35024 West Beck 10.9 cm
Dartmouth Tidal Level 46154 Maod Tide 188 cm
Darton Stage L0809 River Dearne 24.3 cm
Darwen Clough Street Overflow Stage 713204 River Darwen 51.8 cm
Dauntsey Stage 53140 Dauntsey Brook 11.3 cm
Davis Road Stage 685513 River Birket 82.9 cm
Dawlish Stage 45171 Dawlish Water 19.9 cm
Dawlish Warren Secmaton Lane Stage E84129 Shutterton Brook 51.2 cm
Day Brook Stage 4163 Day Brook 4.9 cm
Days Lock Downstream Stage 1899th River Thames 215.5 cm
Days Lock Stage 1899th River Thames 15.7 cm
Ddol Las Twrch 35.7 cm
Dean Bridge Dean Water 28.6 cm
Debenham Stage E24795 River Deben 24.9 cm
Deephope Tima Water 48.5 cm
Deeping St James Stage E2613 River Welland 92.5 cm
Deepmore Farm Stage 4170 Saredon Brook 30 cm
Deerhurst Flood Plain Level Stage 2534 River Severn 274.8 cm
Deerhurst Stage 2606 River Severn 88.9 cm
De Lank Stage 49129 De Lank River 16.2 cm
Delcombe Wood Groundwater 44240 Maod Groundwater Level 12707.5 cm
Delnashaugh Avon (Spey) 68.4 cm
Delph Stage 692419 River Tame 10.4 cm
Denby Dale Norman Road Stage L0812 River Dearne 24.2 cm
Denham Colne Stage 2870th River Colne 20 cm
Denham Lodge Downstream Stage 2879-W1th River Misbourne -7.7 cm
Denham Lodge Stage 2879-W1th River Misbourne 13 cm
Denmead Stage E11570 Maod River Wallington 3331.6 cm
Denton Holme Stage 765045 River Caldew 25.4 cm
Derby Bridge Street Stage 4681 Markeaton Brook 86.7 cm
Derby City Stage 4085 River Derwent 103.81 m³/s
Dernford Stage E21737 River Cam 15.3 cm
Derrymeen Bridge Blackwater 123.8 cm
Dewsbury Stage F1306 River Calder 51.9 cm
Dickley Down Groundwater 44237 Maod Groundwater Level 15518.9 cm
Didworthy Stage 46117 River Avon 54 cm
Diglis Stage 2085 River Severn 56.6 cm
Dinas Powys Tregatwg (River Cadoxton) 9.6 cm
Dionard Dionard 57.3 cm
Diriebught House Mill Burn 24.4 cm
Diss Stage E24814 River Waveney 26.1 cm
Doddington Bridge Stage 021034 River Till 60.7 cm
Dodford Stage E2285 River Nene 6.7 cm
Dolau Hirion Tywi 35.5 cm
Doles Ash Groundwater 44236 Maod Groundwater Level 11669.5 cm
Dolgellau Wnion 159.2 cm
Dolton Stage 50117 River Torridge 15.8 cm
Dolwen Hafren (Severn) 22.3 cm
Dol Y Bont (Dolybont) Leri 14.2 cm
Doncaster Stage F0908 River Don 33.1 cm
Doncaster Strawberry Island Temp Stage L0908 Maod Dun Navigation Canal 756.4 cm
Donington Bridge Stage E1662 South Forty Foot Drain 70.2 cm
Donyatt Stage 52115 River Isle 26.3 cm
Dorchester Stage 1993th River Thame 47.5 cm
Dore Twenty Well Lane Stage L0407 River Sheaf 40 cm
Dorking Downstream Stage 3270th River Mole -81.1 cm
Dorking Stage 3270th River Mole 11.4 cm
Dosmucheran Bran 23.7 cm
Dotton Stage 45212 River Otter 26.2 cm
Dovecliff Stage 47000 River Dove 22.7 cm
Dovecote Hill Stage 024016 River Gaunless 49.9 cm
Doveridge Stage 4078 River Dove 81.7 cm
Dovers Bridge Stage 694748 Dovers Brook 103.9 cm
Dover Tidal Level E71639 Maod Mean Tide -254.2 cm
Downham Lane Stage 4327th Spring Brook -2765 cm
Downside Bridge Stage 3286th River Mole 118.5 cm
Downton Iron Bridge Stage 43162 River Avon 4.5 cm
Dowsby Fen Stage E47061 South Forty Foot Drain 80 cm
Drakelow Stage 4019 River Trent 126.2 cm
Dreghorn Annick Water 48.8 cm
Driffield Stage F3193 Driffield Trout Stream 55.4 cm
Dromara Lagan 64 cm
Dronfield Dam Stage L0218 River Drone 10.2 cm
Dronfield Stage L0215 River Drone -1.4 cm
Drove Lane 1.5 Stage E12791 River Alre 37.6 cm
Drove Lane Stage E12801 River Alre 38 cm
Druid Alwen 27.3 cm
Drumahoe Faughan 100 cm
Drumahoe 2 Faughan 25.3 cm
Drumiller Lagan 13.4 cm
Drumlanrig Nith 50 cm
Drumnabuoy House Mourne 121.5 cm
Drumrainey Bridge Sillees 108.1 cm
Drumshanley Drumragh 141.5 cm
Drungewick Stage E9890 River Lox 5.7 cm
Dryden Street Stage 712221 Shaw Brook Tributary 17.4 cm
Dryfield Kelvin 43.9 cm
Duchray Water Duchray Water 59.5 cm
Duddon Hall Stage 740102 River Duddon 33.3 cm
Dudgeon Bridge Fairywater 50.9 cm
Duffield Stage 4055 River Ecclesbourne 20.4 cm
Dulais (Blackpill) Clun (Clyne) 69.6 cm
Dulverton Town Marsh Stage E71943 Marsh Water 66.2 cm
Dunbridge Stage E13540 Maod River Dun 2315.9 cm
Dunminning Main 35 cm
Dunnabridge Stage 46126 West Dart River 38.3 cm
Dunphail Divie 23 cm
Dunswell Ennerdale Bridge Stage L32011 Maod River Hull 298 cm
Durham New Elvet Bridge Stage 0240120 River Wear 25.8 cm
Durkadale Durkadale Burn 20.8 cm
Durngate Stage E12460 Maod River Itchen 3700.3 cm
Durranhill Pumping Station Stage 764117 Durranhill Beck 90 cm
Dutlas Hafren (Severn) 18 cm
Dutlas Stage 2639 River Teme 18.6 cm
Dwyran Afon Braint (Dwyran Braint) Braint 137.6 cm
Dwyran Rhyd-Y-Valley (Dwyran Rhyd Y Valley) Rhyd Y Valley 206.4 cm
Dyers Lane Stage 698106 Sandy Brook 3.4 cm
Eamont Bridge Farm Stage 761659 River Eamont 36.3 cm
Eamont Bridge Stage 761104 River Lowther 41.8 cm
Earby New Cut Stage L1545 Earby Beck 21.6 cm
Earby Youth Hostel Stage L1546 Earby Beck 3 cm
Eardisland Stage 055l010sg River Arrow 30.6 cm
Earith Stage E21747 River Great Ouse 175.8 cm
Earls Colne Stage E22744 River Colne 15.1 cm
Earlston Leader Water 13.1 cm
Easby Stage F3808 River Leven 15.3 cm
Eas Daimh Eas Daimh 15.4 cm
Eastbourne Harbour Stage 371301002 Maod Tide -296.1 cm
East Bridge Bridport Stage 44122 River Asker 18.4 cm
East Budleigh Brookfield Road Stage 45213 Budleigh Brook 68.8 cm
East Budleigh Hayes Lane Stage 45234 Budleigh Brook 54.6 cm
Eastbury Flood Control Structure Downstream Stage 2254th River Lambourn 102.6 cm
Eastbury Flood Control Structure Stage 2254th River Lambourn 110.1 cm
Easter Turnaig Oykel 33 cm
East Farleigh Gate Upstream Stage E670 River Medway 128.1 cm
Eastgate Stage 024006 Rookhope Burn 7.5 cm
East Hull Hedon Road Stage L3241 Maod Holderness Drain 2.2 cm
Eastington Stage 2513 River Frome (Severn) 44.5 cm
East Linton Tyne 54.7 cm
East Meon Stage E11723 River Meon 7.2 cm
East Mills Flume Stage 43123 River Avon 82.2 cm
East Mills Weir Stage 43125 River Avon 53.3 cm
Easton Stage 3101se River Itchen 84.1 cm
East Stoke Stage 44207 River Frome 78.8 cm
Eastville Stage 531115 Bristol Frome 755.4 cm
Eastwood Stage 4688 Beauvale Brook 27 cm
Eathorpe Stage 2050 River Leam 31.9 cm
Eaton Socon Stage E24317 River Great Ouse 6.8 cm
Ebbesbourne Wake Stage 43177 River Ebble -5.5 cm
Ebley Mill Stage 2027 River Frome (Severn) 27.6 cm
Ecclesfield Morrisons Stage L06601 Whitley Brook 2 cm
Eccleston Heskin Bridge Stage 700421 Syd Brook 54.5 cm
Eckington Rotherham Road Stage L0351 The Moss 26.1 cm
Eckington Sluice Stage 2915 River Avon 204.6 cm
Eddys Bridge Stage 023002 River Derwent 30.2 cm
Edenbridge Stage E1110 Eden Tributary Medway 98.6 cm
Edgware, Deans Brook Stage 3822th Deans Brook 76.4 cm
Edgware Hospital Stage 3826th Silk Stream 65 cm
Edmonton Green Stage 5357th Salmon Brook 7.3 cm
Edmonton, Silver Street Stage 5369th Pymmes Brook 5.8 cm
Eel House Bridge Stage 735226 Cunsey Beck 55.2 cm
Egginton Stage 4148 Egginton Brook 23.6 cm
Eglinton Medical Practice 99.4 cm
Eglinton Eglinton 52.4 cm
Eglinton Castle Lugton Water 22.9 cm
Egremont Stage 744130 River Ehen 44.2 cm
Egypt Mill Stage 2275 Nailsworth Stream 42.4 cm
Eling Stage E14110 Maod Bartley Water -4.7 cm
Eling Tidal Level E14111 Maod Tide -89.2 cm
Elland Stage F1203 River Calder 38.2 cm
Ellon Ythan 100.2 cm
Elphin Abhainn A Chnocain 13.2 cm
Elvington Pumping Station Stage L2841 Maod Elvington Beck 411 cm
Elvington Sluices Downstream Stage L2806 Maod River Derwent 343.1 cm
Elvington Sluices Stage L2806 Maod River Derwent 559.4 cm
Ely Stage E23527 River Great Ouse 56.1 cm
Emral Brook Emral Brook 55.8 cm
Emsworth Stage 2716so Maod West Brook 170.9 cm
Enfield, Albany Park Stage 5349th Turkey Brook 7.3 cm
Enfield, Ordance Road Stage 5339th Small River Lee 12.1 cm
Enfield, The Chine Stage 5355th Salmon Brook 98.1 cm
Ensbury Stage 43231 River Stour 87.5 cm
Enslow Weir A Stage 1460-W1th River Cherwell 27.9 cm
Epney Stage 2153 River Severn 282.9 cm
Erchless Beauly 139.9 cm
Eriskay Tide Gauge Sound Of Barra 59.1 cm
Erith Deep Wharf Tidal Level 0018 Maod Thames Tideway -157.8 cm
Ermington Stage 46118 River Erme 35.5 cm
Erwyd (Erwood) Gwy (Wye) 76.4 cm
Esgair Carnau Hepste 13.8 cm
Esher Stage 3290th River Mole 2.62 m³/s
Evenlode Bridge Stage 1210th River Evenlode 40.3 cm
Everleigh Groundwater 43188 Maod Groundwater Level 12204.1 cm
Eversley Stage 2435th River Blackwater 61 cm
Evesham Stage 2002 River Avon 54.2 cm
Ewell Stage 3350th Hogsmill River 28.6 cm
Ewelme Stage 1995th Ewelme Brook 11.6 cm
Ewen Downstream Stage 0130th River Thames -23.1 cm
Ewen Stage 0130th River Thames 12.6 cm
Ewood Ashville Terrace North Stage 713207 Ewood Mill Race 6.1 cm
Ewood Ashville Terrace South Logged 713207a Ewood Mill Race 3.2 cm
Ewood Stage 713120 River Darwen 28.1 cm
Ewyas Harold Stage 2553 Dulas Brook 15.6 cm
Exebridge Stage 45125 River Exe 22.4 cm
Exeter Alphington Mill Lane Stage E84263 Alphin Brook 4.7 cm
Exeter Heavitree Sweetbriar Lane Stage E84189 Northbrook 3.2 cm
Exeter Pynes Stafford Bridge Stage E71313 River Exe 301.1 cm
Exford Stage 45124 River Exe 30.8 cm
Exmouth Phear Park Stage 45195 Withycombe Brook 8.4 cm
Exmouth Tidal Level 45127 Maod South Devon Coast 156.5 cm
Eyemouth Mill Eye Water 37.6 cm
Eyemouth Tide Gauge North Sea 207.4 cm
Eynsford Close Stage 4378th Kyd Brook 40.3 cm
Eynsham Lock Downstream Stage 1201th River Thames 188.3 cm
Eynsham Lock Stage 1201th River Thames 8.4 cm
Faich Bhiorach Kerry 80 cm
Fairburn Sluices Stage L1711 Aire Washlands 35.4 cm
Fairford Stage 0680th River Coln delayed
Fairholm Avon Water 17.5 cm
Fairmile Stage 45214 River Tale 30.5 cm
Fakenham Stage E25940 River Wensum 52.2 cm
Falstone Stage 023053 River North Tyne 67.1 cm
Farley Bridge Stage 2265 Rea Brook 20.1 cm
Farlows Bridge Stage 2883th River Colne 64.9 cm
Farmoor Stage 1100th River Thames 4.74 m³/s
Farnborough Stage 2427th River Blackwater 0.06 m³/s
Farndon Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 477.2 cm
Farndon Stage 4071 River Trent 32.6 cm
Farnham Downstream Stage 3020th River Wey -28.2 cm
Farnham Stage 3020th River Wey 17.1 cm
Farnham Stage E23151 River Alde 16.4 cm
Farnworth Stage 690408 River Croal 7.7 cm
Farrer Lane Stage F1715 Oulton Beck 11.6 cm
Far Sawrey Stage 735225 Windermere 39.3 cm
Fasnakyle Glass 24.5 cm
Featherstone Stage 023006 River South Tyne 45.1 cm
Feckenham Stage 2626 Bow Brook 10.9 cm
Felin-Foel (Felinfoel) Lliedi 41.5 cm
Felinganol (Middle Mill) Solfach 13.4 cm
Felin Mynachdy Cothi 67.5 cm
Felin Y Cwm Sawdde 25.8 cm
Felsted Stage E22862 River Chelmer 17.3 cm
Fenay Bridge Stage L1113 Fenay Beck 12.6 cm
Feney Lagan 86.2 cm
Fenny Bridges Stage 45210 River Otter 23.1 cm
Fenny Castle Stage 52212 River Sheppey 11.4 cm
Fenton Dam Stage L13512 Bushy Beck 20.2 cm
Ferndown Tricketts Cross Stage E81356 Uddens Water 46.5 cm
Ferring Outfall Stage E9510 River Arun -339.8 cm
Ferrybridge Fishergate Stage L1831 Wash Dike -1.3 cm
Ferrybridge Lock Stage L1808 River Aire 15.4 cm
Feshie Bridge Feshie 78.6 cm
Fferm Ddôl (Ddol Farm) Gwy (Wye) 42.2 cm
Fferm Garter Y Strade (Stradey Home Farm) Dulais (Pwll) 26.6 cm
Ffordd Felindre (Felindre Road) Ewenni Fawr (Ewenny Fawr) 46.2 cm
Fiddlers Elbow Taf (Taff) 32.1 cm
Fiddlers Ferry Stage 694063 River Mersey 218.5 cm
Fiddlers Ford Cluden Water 39.4 cm
Field Court Drive Stage 2270 Dimore Brook 2.3 cm
Field Mill Stage 4710 River Maun 63.3 cm
Filton Southmead Road Stage E255 River Trym 7 cm
Fintona Drumragh 68 cm
Fire Authority Blackstaff 261.3 cm
Firhall Nairn 40.7 cm
First Avenue Stage 693001 Borsdane Brook 7.5 cm
Fishguard Môr (Sea) -31 cm
Fishlake Stage E13480 Fishlake Stream 58.3 cm
Fishlake Stage L0903 Maod River Don 155.2 cm
Fishlake Woodhouse Ings (Temporary) Stage L0942 Maod Green Dyke 97.5 cm
Fitz Bridge Stage 736406 Dragley Beck 10.4 cm
Flash Bridge Stage 3061th Cranleigh Waters 101.3 cm
Fleet Weir Stage F1703 River Aire 19.9 cm
Fleetwood Tidal Level 720763 Mean Lune And Wyre 79 cm
Flint Mill Stage 4183 River Churnet 5.5 cm
Flint Mill Stage F2004 River Wharfe 56.9 cm
Flixton Bridge Stage 692727 River Mersey 25.5 cm
Footholme Flume Stage 711086 River Dunsop 42.6 cm
Ford Bridge Stage 055041 River Lugg 25.5 cm
Forde Abbey Stage 45235 River Axe 43.9 cm
Fordham Stage E21765 River Snail 15.6 cm
Fordwich River Level Stage E3826 Maod Great Stour 225.1 cm
Forest Row Stage E1560 River Medway -3.3 cm
Forge Valley Stage F2709 River Derwent 30.2 cm
Fornalls Bridge Stage 685520 River Birket 52.7 cm
Fornham St Martin Stage E21107 River Lark 10.2 cm
Forres Findhorn 86.1 cm
Forteviot Bridge Earn 6.1 cm
Fort William Bridge Moyola 42 cm
Fosdyke Bridge Tidal Level E2080 Tide 378 cm
Fosdyke Jetty Stage E1672 Fosdyke Canal 137.9 cm
Fosse Bridge Stage 0630th River Coln 4.4 cm
Fosseway Stage 53135 Sherston Avon 18.4 cm
Fosters Bridge Stage E2734 River Chater 8.2 cm
Fotheringhay Stage E1533 Willow Brook 15.8 cm
Fountainhall Gala Water 26 cm
Fowey Tidal Level 48184 Maod Tide 173.6 cm
Foxton Bridge Stage F3803 River Leven 23.2 cm 3.81 m³/s
Foyers Loch Ness 148.4 cm
Framlingham Stage E24815 River Ore 12.1 cm
Frampton Cotterell Stage 53141 Bristol Frome 4.4 cm
Frampton Court Nant Llanmaes (Llanmaes Brook) 25.7 cm
Freebridge Tidal Level E22184 River Great Ouse 166.2 cm
Freemans Weir Stage 4174 River Soar 18.8 cm
Free Prae Road Stage 2937th Chertsey Bourne 100.3 cm
Frenchay Stage 53134 Bristol Frome 27.9 cm
Freshfield Bridge Stage E8210 River Ouse -7.3 cm
Freshwater Stage E14690 Maod Western Yar 82.4 cm
Friars Carse Nith 66.8 cm
Frilsham Downstream Stage 2140th River Pang 24.8 cm
Frilsham Stage 2140th River Pang 25.4 cm
Frisby On The Wreake Downstream Stage 4873 River Wreake 45.5 cm
Frodingham Bridge Stage L3130 Frodingham Beck 75 cm
Froghall Stage 4119 River Churnet 5 cm
Frogmill Stage E12020 River Hamble 13.3 cm
Frome Rodden Stage 531116 Somerset Frome 40.6 cm
Fullerton Main Stage E13950 River Anton -10.1 cm
Fullerton Side Stage E13961 River Anton 7.7 cm
Fulling Mill Stage 4770th River Mimram 24.1 cm
Furneux Pelham Stage 5016th River Ash 15.3 cm
Gaidrew Endrick Water 45.7 cm
Gainsborough Stage 4099 River Trent 110 cm
Gairlochy Lochy (Lochaber) 2942.8 cm
Galashiels Gala Water 21.7 cm
Galesyke Stage 743008 River Irt 37.8 cm
Galgate Stage 724836 River Conder 17.3 cm
Galgorm Maine 47.1 cm
Gamble's Bridge Cusher 126.9 cm
Gargrave High Street Stage F1509 River Aire 21.1 cm
Gargunnock Forth 112.8 cm
Garndolbenmaen Dwyfor 38.4 cm
Garstang Stage 720107 River Wyre 24.3 cm
Garthdee Dee (Grampian) 84.9 cm
Garve Blackwater 21.1 cm
Gatwick Airport Stage 3210th River Mole 41.6 cm 0.02 m³/s
Gatwick Link Stage 3229th Gatwick Stream 6.1 cm
Gaw Bridge Stage 52119 River Parrett 43.9 cm
Gaynes Park Stage 5550th River Ingrebourne 11.4 cm
Geldharts Mill Stage E1660 River Nene 0.36 m³/s
Gella Bridge South Esk (Angus) 24.6 cm
Gerddi Springfield (Springfield Gardens) Nant Y Morfa (Morfa Brook) 39.4 cm
Germansweek Stage 47173 River Wolf 14 cm
Gillingham Le Neubourg Way Stage 43226 River Stour 39.7 cm
Gipton South Parkway Stage L17013 Wyke Beck 5.7 cm
Girton Stage E47050 Washpit Brook 81.1 cm
Girvan Tide Gauge Firth Of Clyde 117.7 cm
Glanelái (Lanelay) Elái (Ely) 24.8 cm
Glan Gwili Gwili 58.3 cm
Glan Teifi Teifi 82.4 cm
Glemsford Stage E22548 River Glem 11.1 cm
Glenavy Glenavy 43.3 cm
Glenfalloch Falloch 76.4 cm
Glenfield Footbridge Irvine 24.9 cm
Glenfield Stage 4158 Rothley Brook 85 cm
Glenlochar Dee (Solway) 131.7 cm
Glenmachan Place Blackstaff 350.7 cm
Glenmeanie Meig 35.1 cm
Glenone Bridge Claudy 86.7 cm
Glen Orchy Orchy 28.3 cm
Glenridding Steamer Pier Stage 761514 Ullswater 60.3 cm
Glenridding Village Stage 761515 Glenridding Beck 22.5 cm
Glen Strae Strae 24.3 cm
Gloucester Stage 2165 River Severn 42 cm
Glusburn Bridge Stage L1527 Eastburn Beck 25 cm
Glyn-Nedd (Glynneath) Nedd (Neath) 40.1 cm
Godalming Stage 3056th River Wey 65.7 cm
Godmanchester Stage E24302 River Great Ouse 38.7 cm
Godstow Lock Downstream Stage 1302th River Thames 166.4 cm
Godstow Lock Stage 1302th River Thames -1.1 cm
Goetre-Hen (Coytrahen) Llynfi 25.3 cm
Goginan Melindwr (Afon Melindwr) 16.4 cm
Goldbridge Stage E8221 River Ouse 32.3 cm
Goole Stage L24013 Maod River Ouse 286.4 cm
Goosehill Bridge, Castleton Stage 5114 Peakshole Water 6.4 cm
Gordon Arms Yarrow Water 8.3 cm
Gored X Y Bala (Bala Weir X) Tryweryn 73.5 cm
Goring Lock Downstream Stage 2003th River Thames 272.3 cm
Goring Lock Stage 2003th River Thames 7.3 cm
Gorse Street Stage 713115 River Blakewater 4 cm -6.22 m³/s
Gosforth Stage 023054 Ouse Burn 41 cm
Gosshill Road Downstream Stage 4381th Kyd Brook 19.6 cm
Gosshill Road Height 4381th Kyd Brook 33.5 cm
Gosshill Road Stage 4381th Kyd Brook 53.1 cm
Goulceby Stage E1147 River Bain 5.6 cm
Gouthwaite Reservoir Reservoir Level F2108a Reservoir 922.9 cm
Gouthwaite Stage F2108 River Nidd 6.2 cm
Gowdall Ings Stage L1814 Gowdall Ings 101 cm
Goytside Farm Stage 692348 River Goyt 63.1 cm
Grafton Lock Downstream Stage 0901th River Thames 166.9 cm
Grafton Lock Stage 0901th River Thames -3.8 cm
Grange Isla (Deveron) 56.7 cm
Grantown Spey 59.7 cm
Grants Bridge Stage 2976th Addlestone Bourne 36.5 cm
Grantshouse Eye Water 28.2 cm
Grasmere Broadgate Meadow Stage 735003 River Rothay 33.3 cm
Grasmere Road Stage E3070 Maod Swalecliffe Brook 817.6 cm
Graylingwell Stage E10893 River Lavant 15.2 cm
Graystone Bridge Endrick Water 31.6 cm
Great Ayton Stage L3807 River Leven 7.3 cm
Great Bridgford Stage 4052 River Sow 31.4 cm
Great Chesterford Stage E21778 River Cam 20.6 cm
Great Corby Stage 762505 River Eden 72.5 cm
Great Easton Flood Storage Reservoir Stage E4823 River Nene 31.1 cm
Great Glen Stage 4161 River Sence 93.1 cm
Great Haywood Stage 4006 River Trent 89.4 cm
Great Musgrave Bridge Stage 760112 River Eden 22.6 cm
Great Somerford Stage 53143 River Avon 21 cm
Great Yarmouth Tidal Level E41137 Maod Norfolk Coast 84.2 cm
Greenford, Costons Lane Stage 3870th River Brent 14.4 cm
Greenham Stage 52108 River Tone 16.4 cm
Greenholme Stage 763308 River Irthing 54 cm
Greensands Nith 34.5 cm
Grendon Underwood Downstream Stage 1471th River Ray -33.2 cm
Grendon Underwood Stage 1471th River Ray 4.4 cm
Greta Bridge Stage 750832 River Greta 113.7 cm
Greystone Bridge Stage 47123 River Tamar 15.5 cm
Gribbleford Bridge Stage 50121 River Lew 21 cm
Grimesthorpe Stage L0681 Bagley Dike -1.1 cm
Grinton Bridge Stage L2309 River Swale -4.6 cm
Groveferry Tidal Level E2500 Maod Great Stour 153.4 cm
Guildford Stage 3080th River Wey 130 cm 3.24 m³/s
Guildford Street Stage 2936th Chertsey Bourne 47.2 cm
Guithavon Valley Stage E22832 River Brain 19 cm
Gunnislake Stage 47117 River Tamar 40.3 cm
Gurnard Stage E14670 Gurnard Luck 10.6 cm
Gurney Street Stage 690715 River Medlock 18.3 cm
Gwills Stage 49130 River Gannel 6.4 cm
Gwithian Stage 48186 River Red 77.2 cm
Hackbridge Stage 4165th River Wandle 130.5 cm
Haddiscoe Tidal Level E23917 Maod River Waveney 7.7 cm
Hadfields Stage F0605 River Don 35.6 cm
Hadleigh Stage E22712 River Brett 34.4 cm
Hadlow Stage E603 Bourne Tributary Medway 33.2 cm
Hady Hill Stage L0206 River Rother 60.1 cm
Hafod Wydr Colwyn 20.9 cm
Hagnaby Beck Stage E1708 Hagnaby Beck 4.9 cm
Hail Weston Stage E21862 River Kym 4.6 cm
Halesowen Dogkennel Lane Stage 2539 River Stour 16.5 cm
Halesowen Manor Way Stage 2538 Illey Brook 15 cm
Halesowen Stage 2516 River Stour 68.1 cm
Halfway Dafen 25.6 cm
Halfway Bridge Stage E10440 River Lod 4.5 cm
Halifax Stage L1215 Hebble Brook 5.5 cm
Halkirk Thurso 25.7 cm
Halladale Halladale 44.2 cm
Hall Bridge Nith 29.5 cm
Hall Green Road Stage 2207 River Sowe 24 cm
Hall Place Stage E15350 River Cray 7.9 cm
Halsewater Stage 52110 Halse Water 25.7 cm
Halton Stage L17012 Wyke Beck 9.9 cm
Haltwhistle Stage 023027 River Tyne 71 cm
Hamble Tidal Level E12672 Maod Tide -95 cm
Hamerton Stage E21788 Alconbury Brook 102.8 cm
Hammersmith Tidal Level 0010 Maod Thames Tideway 85.1 cm
Hammoon Stage 43209 River Stour 24.6 cm
Hampstead Suburb Stage 3815th Mutton Brook 80.4 cm
Hamstall Ridware Stage 4002 River Blithe 12.4 cm
Hancocks Water Reservoir 1 531187 Brinkworth Brook 429.1 cm
Hanford Bridge Stage 4843 River Trent 47.7 cm
Hannington Bridge Stage 0569th River Thames 221.3 cm
Hanwell Stage 3880th River Brent 87.1 cm
Happendon Douglas Water 27.9 cm
Harbertonford Bridge 1 46162 River Harbourne 34.2 cm
Harbertonford Church Stage E71963 River Harbourne Tributary 25.6 cm
Harbertonford Yeolands Stage E71983 Yeolands Stream 3.2 cm
Hardham Stage E29202 River Rother 27.9 cm
Hardman Way Stage 713205 River Darwen 4.6 cm
Harford Hill Stage 2011 River Salwarpe 24.3 cm
Harford Stage 46130 River Erme 53.3 cm
Harlow, Elizabeth Way Stage 5189th Canons Brook 6.2 cm
Harlow Mill Stage 5171th River Stort 104.5 cm
Harold Park Stage 5546th River Ingrebourne 89.7 cm
Harpenden Stage 4650th River Lee 80 cm
Harraby Green Business Park Stage 764010 River Petteril 23.5 cm
Harrington Eadie Street Stage 753200 Wyre River 21.4 cm
Harrison Street Stage 713119 River Blakewater 40.3 cm
Harrowden Stage E2662 River Ise 17.1 cm
Harrow, Thistledene Avenue Stage 3626th The Roxbourne 4.9 cm
Harrow, Village Way Stage 3609th Yeading Brook 10.1 cm
Hartburn Stage 022011 River Hartburn 16.7 cm
Hartford Bridge Stage 022006 River Blyth 30 cm
Hartford Stage E14550 Maod Beaulieu River 138.6 cm
Hartlake Bridge Stage Se560 River Medway 70.9 cm
Hartlepool Burn Valley Gardens Stage L39020 Burn Valley Beck 1.9 cm
Hartlepool Valley Drive Downstream Stage L39021 Burn Valley Beck 8.1 cm
Hartlepool Valley Drive Stage L39021 Burn Valley Beck 8.2 cm
Harwich Tidal Level E71439 Maod Mean Tide -113.5 cm
Harwood Stage F3581 Harwood Beck 15.5 cm
Haslingfield Burnt Mill Stage E21720 River Rhee 17.2 cm
Hatton Stage 4898 River Dove 41.9 cm
Haughton Don 254.2 cm
Havant Stage E11310 Maod Hermitage Stream 509.6 cm
Haversham Stage E22088 River Great Ouse 47.5 cm
Haw Bridge Stage 2057 River Severn 95.4 cm
Haweswater Reservoir (Spillway Level = 31.39m) Stage 761102 Haweswater Reservoir 2653.2 cm
Hawick Teviot 77.9 cm
Hawkhead White Cart Water 11.8 cm
Hawley Stage E15250 River Darent 11.8 cm
Haydon Bridge Brigwood Stage 023026 River South Tyne 57.9 cm
Haydon Bridge Stage 023004 River South Tyne 59 cm
Hayes Basin Stage 2830 Field Drain 96.7 cm
Hayes Lane Downstream Stage 4310th River Ravensbourne -19.2 cm
Hayes Lane Height 4310th River Ravensbourne 13.6 cm
Hayes Lane Stage 4310th River Ravensbourne -5.6 cm
Hayhurst Bridge Stage 680525 River Weaver 69.6 cm
Hayle Tideflap Tidal Level 48113 River Hayle 290.7 cm
Hayne Bridge Stage 47124 River Thrushel 19.4 cm
Hazelbank Clyde 56.6 cm
Hazelberry Plantation Groundwater 43166 Maod Groundwater Level 11888 cm
Hazelmere Road Stage 4380th Kyd Brook 56.9 cm
Heacham Stage E21127 Heacham River 12.7 cm
Headswood Carron (Forth Valley) 22.4 cm
Heaton Lodge Stage L1308 River Calder 23.3 cm
Heaton Mill Stage 021038 River Till 49.2 cm
Hebden Bridge Stage L1206 River Calder -2 cm
Hebden Stage F1960 Hebden Beck 34.1 cm
Hedon Thorn Road Bridge Stage L3313 Maod Burstwick Drain 19.9 cm
Hedon Westlands Drain 1 L3314 Maod Burstwick Drain 18.9 cm
Heighington Beck Stage E1163 Heighington Beck 4.4 cm
Helebridge Stage 49111 River Neet 1.7 cm
Hellifield Stage 710125 Hellifield Beck 27 cm
Helmsley High Street Stage L2551 Borough Beck 15.4 cm
Helston County Bridge Stage 48172 River Cober 22.8 cm
Hemel Hempstead, Bury Mill Stage 2841th River Gade 32.6 cm
Hemel Hempstead, Old Fishery Lane Stage 2844th River Bulbourne 78.1 cm
Hemel Hempstead, Two Waters Road Stage 2846th River Bulbourne 38.2 cm
Hemingford Stage E21136 River Great Ouse 19.1 cm
Hempholme Pumping Station Downstream Stage L3111 Maod Mickley Dyke 269.1 cm
Hempholme Pumping Station Roam Drain Stage L3112 Maod Roam Drain -49.9 cm
Hempholme Pumping Station Stage L3111 Maod Mickley Dyke 162.3 cm
Hempholme Weir 2 F3102 Maod River Hull 313.4 cm
Hendal Bridge Stage E714 Eridge Stream Tributary Medway 16.2 cm
Hendy-Gwyn (Whitland) Gronw 32.4 cm
Henley River Stage 2621 River Alne 40.6 cm
Hensall Ings Stage L1811 Wheelan Dyke -57.9 cm
Henthorn Stage 710305 River Ribble 39.4 cm
Hereford - Ledbury Road Stage 26350 Yazor Brook 19.8 cm
Hermitage Braan 43.9 cm
Hertford, Hartham Park Stage 4890th River Beane 23.3 cm
Hessle Downstream Stage L3211 Fleet Drain -10.4 cm
Hessle Stage L3211 Fleet Drain 158.8 cm
Hessle Western Drain Stage L32014-Ne Western Drain 5.9 cm
Heugh Head Feugh 112.6 cm
Hexham Stage 023020 Maod River Tyne 3152 cm
Hexham Stage 023038 Cockshaw Burn 13.6 cm
Hexham Tanners Row In Screen Stage 023041 Cockshaw Burn 0.1 cm
Hexham Tanners Row Upstream Stage 023039 Cockshaw Burn 72.4 cm
Hexham Wydon Water Stage 023057 Wydon Burn 6.8 cm
Heyford Bridge Stage 1453th River Cherwell 40.8 cm
Heysham Tidal Level E73439 Maod Mean Tide -386.8 cm
Heytesbury Stage 432321 River Wylye 79.5 cm
Hickling Broad Tidal Level E21150 Maod River Thurne 53.1 cm
Higham Avenue Stage 694042 Sankey Brook 34 cm
Highbridge Weir Stage E12442 River Itchen 47.7 cm
Higher Brixham Horsepool Street Stage E84149 Higher Brixham Watercourse 4.7 cm
Highfield Stage F0402 River Sheaf 17.2 cm
High Green Stage L0668 Charlton Brook 1 cm
High Ongar Stage 5420th River Roding 11.9 cm
High River Keer Stage 733020 River Keer 14.6 cm
High Street West Stage 692115 Glossop Brook 7.5 cm
Hillingdon, Charville Lane Stage 3635th Yeading Brook 51.2 cm
Hillingdon, Gutteridge Wood Stage 3625th Yeading Brook 27.1 cm
Hindley Wrae Ford Reservoir Level 023058 River West Allen 9.3 cm
Hinkley Point Tidal Level E72539 Maod Mean Tide 445.7 cm
Hinksey Lake (Temporary) Stage 1674th Hinksey Stream 36.2 cm
Hinton On Green Stage 2036 River Isbourne 9.5 cm
Hints Stage 4153 Bourne Brook 127.2 cm
Hirwaun Cynon 14.4 cm
Hoar Cross Stage 4169 River Swarbourne 20.9 cm
Hobb Lane Stage E12030 Maod River Hamble 2057.6 cm
Hobhole Sluice Tidal Level E4804 Maod Tide -550 cm
Hodcott Groundwater Su48-72b Maod Groundwater Level 11513.9 cm
Hodder Place Stage 711610 River Hodder 33.9 cm
Hoddesdon, Rye Bridge Stage 5280th River Lee 5.24 m³/s
Holbeam Dam 1 46114 River Lemon 141.1 cm
Holbeam Dam Downstream Stage 46148 River Lemon 162.8 cm
Holgate Stage L2452 Holgate Beck 80.4 cm
Holmbridge Stage L1008 River Holme 43.5 cm
Holme House Farm Stage F3412 River Foulness 14.8 cm
Holt Mill Bridge Stage 690120 River Irwell 13.6 cm
Holwell Stage 53196 Nunney Brook 65.1 cm
Holyhead Road Stage 2129 River Sherbourne 15.9 cm
Holymoorside Stage L0237 River Hipper -1.2 cm
Homington Groundwater 43185 Groundwater Level 5727.8 cm
Honiton Stage 45215 Glen Stream 19.1 cm
Honiton Stage 45233 The Gissage 2.6 cm
Hoodston Bridge Cessnock Water 24.4 cm
Hookagate Stage 2018 Rea Brook 27.6 cm
Hooke Stage 44219 River Hooke 16.7 cm
Hope Street, Coventry Stage 2213 River Sherbourne 64.2 cm
Hopwas Stage 4095 River Tame 54.4 cm
Horbury Stage L1305 River Calder 36.3 cm
Horley Stage 3230th River Mole 26.5 cm
Hornby Stage 724528 River Wenning 24.6 cm
Horncastle Banks Road Stage E1839 River Waring 7.6 cm
Horncastle Victoria Mill Stage E1901 River Bain 14.1 cm
Hornchurch-Bretons Farm Stage 5541th River Beam 10.6 cm
Horrabridge 1 47118 River Walkham 29 cm
Horsebottoms Stage 4168 Foston Brook 35.8 cm
Horseshoe Bridge Stage E1727 River Brant 24 cm
Horsforth Cornmill View Stage L1783 Oil Mill Beck 56 cm
Horton Inn Groundwater 43190 Groundwater Level 3737.8 cm
Horton Mill Stage 2897bth Colne Brook 16.9 cm
Horton Weir Stage E3951 Great Stour 21.4 cm
Horwich Pearl Brook Stage 700390 Pearl Brook 27.2 cm
Hothfield Upstream Stage E4321 Great Stour 23.5 cm
Hougham Stage E4225 River Witham 84.5 cm
Houghton Bridge Stage E9930 Maod River Arun 73.3 cm
Houghton Le Spring Stage 024012 Moors Burn 16.8 cm
Houghton Stage E21163 River Great Ouse 26.5 cm
Houghton Stage L0807 River Dearne 16.6 cm
Houstons Mill Braid 36.3 cm
Hoveton Broad Tidal Level E22129 Maod River Bure 47.4 cm
Hovingham Stage L2592 Hovingham Beck 6 cm
Howard Park Kilmarnock Water 28.1 cm
Howe Bridge Stage F2502 River Rye 84.3 cm
Howletts Lane, Ruislip Stage 2805th Cannon Brook 16 cm
Hucclecote Stage 2512 Horsbere Brook 9.2 cm
Hucknall Stage 4686 Baker Lane Brook 40.6 cm
Huddersfield Longroyd Bridge Stage F1104 River Colne 25.4 cm
Huddersfield Royd Street Stage L1141 Longwood Brook 0.6 cm
Huddersfield Willow Lane Stage L11311 Grimescar Dike -0.7 cm
Huddersfield York Avenue Stage L1132 Allison Dyke 1.8 cm
Hudds Mill Stage E2647 River Welland 15.7 cm
Hug Bridge Stage 681003 River Dane 22.7 cm
Huish Episcopi Pumping Station Stage 52120 River Yeo 207.2 cm
Huish Episcopi Pumping Station Stage 52152 Longload Main Drain 123.5 cm
Hull Barrier Victoria Pier Downstream Stage L3203 Maod River Hull 387 cm
Hull Barrier Victoria Pier Stage L3203 Maod River Hull 383.6 cm
Hull Hessle Astral Close Stage L3213 Western Drain 30.1 cm
Humberston Stage E1017 Maod Buck Beck 166.9 cm
Hundred House Bridge Stage E6140 Royal Military Canal 7.9 cm
Hungerford Dun Stage 2239th River Dun 8.2 cm
Hungerford Shalbourne Downstream Stage 2241th River Shalbourne -23.6 cm
Hungerford Shalbourne Stage 2241th River Shalbourne 6.6 cm
Hunny Hill Stage E14710 Maod Lukely Brook 297.6 cm
Hunsingore Stage F2104 River Nidd 12.7 cm
Huntingfield Stage E24819 Huntingfield Watercourse 111.4 cm
Huntingford Bridge Stage 43236 Shreen Water 33.7 cm
Huntington Stage F2470 River Foss 72 cm
Huntly Gs Deveron 73.3 cm
Hurley Lock Downstream Stage 2497th River Thames 197.5 cm
Hurley Lock Stage 2497th River Thames 2 cm
Hurn Court Stage 43214 Moors River 29.3 cm
Hurstbourne Priors Stage E13840 Bourne Rivulet 34 cm
Hutton Castle Whiteadder Water 33.7 cm
Hwlffordd (Haverfordwest) Cleddau Wen (Western Cleddau) 45.6 cm
Hynam Bridge Stage 763201 River Gelt 54.8 cm
Hythe End Stage 2894th Colne Brook 2.2 m³/s
Ici Colne Stage L1103 River Colne 10.9 cm
Ickenham, Swakeleys Road Stage 2887th River Pinn 57.1 cm
Idless Dam Downstream Stage 48115 River Allen 3.5 cm
Idmiston Stage 43158 River Bourne 9.7 cm
Iffley Lock Downstream Stage 1501th River Thames 238.2 cm
Iffley Lock Stage 1501th River Thames 8.9 cm
Ifield Stage 3207th Ifield Brook 75.6 cm
Iford Bridge Stage 43215 Maod River Stour 7.4 cm
Ilam Stage 4031 River Manifold 27.9 cm
Ilchester Stage 52112 River Yeo 32.4 cm
Ilfracombe Môr (Sea) 190.6 cm
Ilfracombe Hele Witheridge Place Stage E84249 Hele Stream 44 cm
Ilfracombe Lambda Stage 50197 East Wilder Brook 21.3 cm
Ilfracombe Saltmer Close Stage E80547 West Wilder Brook 1.6 cm
Ilfracombe Tidal Level E72439 Maod Mean Tide 424.8 cm
Ilkley Stage F1902 River Wharfe 14.1 cm
Immingham Tidal Level E71139 Maod Mean Tide 325.8 cm
India Road Stage 2273 River Twyver 16.8 cm
Inglesham Downstream Stage 0790th River Cole -22.9 cm
Inglesham Stage 0790th River Cole 9.1 cm
Ingworth Stage E23186 River Bure 24.6 cm
Innerleithen Leithen Water 22.5 cm
Inverbervie Bervie 22.7 cm
Inverbroom Broom 35.7 cm
Invergairn Gairn 35.9 cm
Inveriscandye North Esk (Tayside) 18.2 cm
Inverlaidnan Bridge Dulnain 63.5 cm
Inverlochy Lochy (Argyll) 26.1 cm
Invermark Water Of Mark 46.6 cm
Invermuick Muick 56.9 cm
Inveroykel Bailey Bridge Oykel 48.8 cm
Invertruim Spey 39 cm
Inverugie Ugie 51.8 cm
Iping Mill Stage E10389 River Rother 31.9 cm
Ironbridge Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 444.7 cm
Irvine Waterside Irvine 71.6 cm
Irwell Vale Stage 690140 River Irwell 25.5 cm
Isfield Weir Stage E8293 River Uck 21.9 cm
Isleham Stage E22374 River Lark 213.6 cm
Islip Sluice Stage E2061 River Nene 66.7 cm
Islip Stage 1489th River Cherwell 683.3 cm 0.49 m³/s
Iver, Clisbys Bridge Stage 2882th River Colne 53.1 cm
Ivy Bridge Coilte 21.1 cm
Iwerne Hill Farm Groundwater 43192 Groundwater Level 10356.7 cm
Iwood Stage 52204 Congresbury Yeo 9.9 cm
Izaak Walton Stage 4046 River Dove 34.2 cm
Jacobstowe Stage 50120 River Okement 27.1 cm
Jedburgh Jed Water 94.9 cm
Jeffy Knotts Stage 735123 River Brathay 102.1 cm
Jerretspass Jerretspass 61.9 cm
Jessop Avenue Bridport Stage 44110 River Asker 22.1 cm
John St Darlington Stage L3503 River Skerne 17.9 cm
Kates Bridge Stage E3003 River Glen 15.9 cm
Keadby Tidal Level 4098 Maod River Trent 330.8 cm
Kearsley Stage 690503 River Irwell 68.5 cm
Kedington Stage E22504 River Stour 15.9 cm
Keepers Lodge Ewenni (Ewenny) 23.8 cm
Kegworth Stage 4074 River Soar 5.14 m³/s
Keighley Dalton Lane Stage F1402 River Worth 0.8 cm
Keighley Stage F1403 River Worth 24.1 cm
Kelbrook Stage L15401 Kelbrook Beck 11 cm
Kemback Eden (Fife) 28.9 cm
Kempsey Yacht Club Stage 2616 River Severn 65.3 cm
Kendal Buttery Well Road Stage 730525 Blind Beck 5.9 cm
Kenilworth Stage 2627 Finham Brook 74.9 cm
Kenmore Tay 59.1 cm
Kennford Stage 45170 River Kenn Tributary 5.8 cm
Kenton Lane Downstream Stage 3838th Wealdstone Brook 9.4 cm
Kenton Lane Stage 3838th Wealdstone Brook 0.5 cm
Kenwith Castle Stage 50193 Kenwith Stream 25 cm
Kerrow Wood Glass 65.8 cm
Kestrel Drive Stage 0712th Dorcan Brook 76.5 cm
Keswick Campsite Stage 750917 River Greta 59.2 cm
Kettlewell Stage L1907 River Wharfe 23.8 cm
Keynsham, Rivermead Stage 531160 River Avon 474.6 cm
Kielder Burn Stage 023011 Kielder Burn 30.1 cm
Kielder Butteryhaugh Stage 023103 River North Tyne 17.4 cm
Kilbirnie Garnock 51.2 cm
Kildwick Stage F1503 River Aire 24.8 cm
Kilgram Stage F2206 River Ure 32.2 cm
Kilham's Bridge Stage E21183 Maod River Wallington -339 cm
Killamarsh Stage L0307 River Rother -1 cm
Killermont Kelvin 21.5 cm
Killiecrankie Garry (Tayside) 32.7 cm
Killilan Ling 37.6 cm
Killin Dochart 37.3 cm
Killington Stage 722421 River Lune 42.4 cm
Kilmore Bridge Annacloy 37.7 cm
Kilnhurst Lower Downstream Stage L0716 River Don -4.8 cm
Kilnhurst Lower Stage L0716 River Don 49.2 cm
Kilphedir Helmsdale 83.8 cm
Kilwinning Garnock 40.2 cm
Kinbuck Allan Water 57 cm
Kincraig Spey 22.6 cm
Kindrogan Ardle 51.9 cm
Kingairloch Tide Gauge Loch Linnhe 189.9 cm
Kingfisher, Cockermouth Stage 752020 River Derwent 64.5 cm
Kingledores Tweed 18.5 cm
Kingsbridge Duncombe Street Stage E72003 Kingsbridge North Watercourse 2.8 cm
Kingsbridge Tidal Level 46164 Maod Tide 179.9 cm
Kings Bromley Stage 4012 River Trent 70.8 cm 1299.71 m³/s
Kingsclere Stage 2275th Kingsclere Brook 13.8 cm
Kingscroft Road Stage 2268 Wotton Brook 33 cm
Kingskerswell Stage 46150 Aller Brook 39.7 cm
Kings Lock Downstream Stage 1301th River Thames 168.2 cm
Kings Lock Stage 1301th River Thames 10.9 cm
King's Lynn Tidal Level E47901 Maod River Great Ouse 309.7 cm
Kings Mill Downstream Stage 1491th River Cherwell 75.1 cm
Kings Mill Stage 1491th River Cherwell 186 cm
Kings Pond Stage 3012th River Wey 25 cm
Kings Ripton Stage E24821 Bury Brook 14.6 cm
Kings Somborne Stage 2598so Maod Somborne Stream 3323.4 cm
Kingston Hogsmill Stage 3390th Hogsmill River 11.9 cm
Kingston Russell Groundwater 44239 Maod Groundwater Level 10868.4 cm
Kingston Stage 3400th River Thames 449.4 cm 28.77 m³/s
Kingston Tide Gauge Moray Firth 95.7 cm
Kinkell Bridge Earn 68.4 cm
Kinlochewe Lodge Abhainn Bruachaig 17.3 cm
Kinnersley Manor Stage 3240th River Mole 15.7 cm
Kinrara Spey 11.9 cm
Kinross South Queich 40.9 cm
Kirby Sigston Stage L2314 Cod Beck 20.6 cm
Kirby Wiske Downstream Stage F2320 River Wiske 10.6 cm
Kirby Wiske Stage F2320 River Wiske 24.7 cm
Kirk Bramwith Stage L0904 Maod River Don 190 cm
Kirkburton Riley Lane Stage L1115 Dean Bottom Beck 0.9 cm
Kirkby Mills Stage F2560 River Dove 23.4 cm
Kirkby On Bain Stage E1187 River Bain 6.1 cm
Kirkby Stage 694744 River Alt 25.4 cm
Kirkby Stephen Stage 760101 River Eden 17.3 cm
Kirkcudbright Bay Tide Gauge Solway Firth 113.8 cm
Kirkham Sluices Stage L2808 Maod River Derwent 1430 cm
Kirkland Bridge Stage 720300 River Wyre 47.5 cm
Kirkmuirhill Nethan 19.2 cm
Kirkstall Abbey Stage L1708 River Aire 143.6 cm
Kirkstead Bridge Stage E1191 River Witham 72 cm
Kirkton Mill Lunan Water 45.9 cm
Kirktown Of Fetteresso Carron Water 6.7 cm
Kirkwall Tide Gauge North Sea 31.9 cm
Kislingbury Stage E1946 River Nene 10.4 cm
Kites Hardwick Downstream Stage 2609 River Leam -2.4 cm
Kites Hardwick Stage 2609 River Leam 12.1 cm
Knapp Mill Stage 43118 River Avon 40.3 cm
Knaresborough Stage L2105 River Nidd 43.2 cm
Knettishall Stage E22163 River Little Ouse 31.5 cm
Knighton Hafren (Severn) 58.2 cm
Knighton Side Downstream Stage 2232th River Kennet 0.4 cm
Knighton Side Stage 2232th River Kennet 5.1 cm
Knighton Stage 2107 River Teme 58.2 cm
Knightsford Bridge Stage 2029 River Teme 54.3 cm
Knottingley Bank Dole Lock Stage L1805 River Aire 47.8 cm
Knowle Green Stage 3115th River Ash 44.3 cm
Knypersley Stage 4179 River Trent 40.6 cm
Kydbrook Close Stage 4372th Kyd Brook 52 cm
Laceby Stage E1742 Laceby Beck 12.2 cm
Ladas Drive Ladas Way 5 cm
Ladock Stage 48116 Tresillian River 4.1 cm
Ladyflat Farm Back Burn (Borders) 5.5 cm
Lagganbeg Aber Burn 38.5 cm
Lamarsh Stage E21227 River Stour 41.9 cm
Lamberhurst Stage E1890 River Teise 12.7 cm
Lambourn Stage 2251th River Lambourn 85.2 cm
Lamorbey Park Stage E15280 Shuttle Tributary Cray 28.3 cm
Lancaster Quay Stage 724735 River Lune 219.8 cm
Lanchester Front Street Stage 024017 Smallhope Burn 25.5 cm
Landkey Newland Tanners Road Stage E84069 Halford Stream 20.4 cm
Langford Village Stage 1484th Langford Brook 26.8 cm
Langham Stage E22678 River Stour 38.7 cm
Langholm A Lugar Water 18.5 cm
Langholm Bridge Esk (Solway) 89.4 cm
Langrick Bridge Stage E1203 River Witham 122.3 cm
Langwell Lodge Canaird 81.5 cm
Langworth Stage E1746 Barlings Eau 19.5 cm
Lapford Stage 50151 River Yeo 37.2 cm
Lathro North Queich 28.3 cm
Lauder (New Mills) Leader Water 7.9 cm
Launceston Stage 47171 River Kensey 15.6 cm
Laxdale Laxdale 41.9 cm
Laxford Bridge Laxford 28.6 cm
Lea Bridge Stage 5390th River Lee 2.35 m³/s
Leabridge Stage E8005 River Bull 11.7 cm
Lea Hall Aldford Brook 66.9 cm
Lealholm Stage L2905 River Esk 10.5 cm
Lea Marston Stage 4080 River Tame 30.4 cm
Leasingham Mill Stage E1750 River Slea 14.8 cm
Leasows Farm Stage 4180 River Tean 41.5 cm
Leatherhead Stage 3280th River Mole 0.95 m³/s
Lechlade Downstream Stage 0890th River Leach -9.1 cm
Lechlade Stage 0890th River Leach 9.7 cm
Ledgard Bridge Stage L1307 River Calder -0.1 cm
Leeds Crown Point Flood Alleviation Scheme Downstream Stage L1707a Maod River Aire 2241.1 cm
Leeds Crown Point Flood Alleviation Scheme Stage L1707a Maod River Aire 2365.1 cm
Leeds Crown Point Stage L1707 River Aire 55 cm
Leeds Killingbeck Dam Downstream Stage L17014 Wyke Beck 44.1 cm
Leeds Killingbeck Dam Stage L17014 Wyke Beck 13.5 cm
Leeds Killingbeck Inscreen Stage L17014a Wyke Beck 43.4 cm
Leeds Knostrop Weir Flood Alleviation Scheme Downstream Stage L1705a Maod River Aire 1965.7 cm
Leeds Knostrop Weir Flood Alleviation Scheme Stage L1705a Maod River Aire 2236.9 cm
Leehamford Stage 50130 River Bray 17.8 cm
Leek Stage 4143 River Churnet 29 cm
Leeming Stage F2330 Bedale Beck 29.1 cm
Lefel Llyn Clywedog (Clywedog Reservoir Level) Clywedog (Afon Hafren) (Clywedog (Severn)) -19.3 cm
Leicester Ash Street Stage 4676 Willow Brook 17 cm
Leicester Braunstone Avenue Stage 4678 Braunstone Brook 4.9 cm
Leicester Cannock Street Stage 4677 Melton Brook 26.6 cm
Leicester Tuffleys Way Stage 4679 Thorpe Astley Brook 79.9 cm
Leicester Uppingham Road Stage 4680 Bushby Brook 5.1 cm
Leigh Court Stage 2188 Leigh Brook -100.5 cm
Leigh Flood Storage Area Stage E15611 River Medway 76.8 cm
Leighton Buzzard Stage E21187 River Ouzel -0.1 cm
Leintwardine Hafren (Severn) 38 cm
Leintwardine Stage 2132 River Teme 38 cm
Lennox Castle Glazert Water 19.1 cm
Lennoxlove Gifford Water 17.8 cm
Lenton Stage 4435 River Leen 14.4 cm 0.67 m³/s
Leominster Osbourne Place Stage 2531 Kenwater 53.4 cm
Leominster Upper Marsh Stage 2532 River Lugg 45.9 cm
Letcombe Bassett Stage 1761th Letcombe Brook 17.6 cm
Letcombe Regis Stage 1771th Letcombe Brook -1.4 cm
Letham Earn Water 25.7 cm
Levisham Mill Stage F25110 Levisham Beck 8.4 cm
Levisham Station Stage L2519 Pickering Beck 22.7 cm
Levishie Moriston 56.3 cm
Lewes Corporation Yard Tidal Level E8970 Maod River Ouse 190.9 cm
Lexden Stage E22761 River Colne 26.2 cm
Liberton Braid Burn 12.8 cm
Lifton Park Stage 47116 River Lyd 44.4 cm
Lilbourne Downstream Stage 2088 River Avon -9 cm
Lilbourne Stage 2088 River Avon 12.6 cm
Lilford Stage E2125 River Nene 44.1 cm
Limekilns Stage 45126 Exminster Marshes 41.1 cm
Limmerhaugh Ayr 61.6 cm
Lincoln Monson Street Stage E2814 Sincil Dyke 44.9 cm
Lindean Ettrick Water 65.8 cm
Lindfield Bridge Stage E8340 River Ouse 140.1 cm
Lingfield Eden Brook Stage 0305so Eden Tributary Medway 88 cm
Linnbrane Leven (Loch Lomond) 40.8 cm
Linstock Stage 762540 River Eden 74.7 cm
Linton Stage E21724 River Granta 9.4 cm
Lisahally Foyle 51.7 cm
Lisboy Camowen 59.7 cm
Lisnaskea Caravan Park Colebrook 108.6 cm
Lissett New Bridge Stage L3010 Maod Barmston Main Drain 205.9 cm
Litte Bowden Flood Storage Reservoir Stage E1782 River Jordan 10.7 cm
Little Alne Stage 2095 River Alne 100.8 cm
Little Assynt Inver 57.6 cm
Littleborough Stage 690206 River Roch 8.2 cm
Littlebourne Stage E3401 Little Stour 23.9 cm
Little Bowden Stage E1183 River Jordan 1.4 cm
Little Bridge Stage 690142 Ogden Brook 1.1 cm
Little Bridge Stage E4826 River Nene 58.5 cm
Little Bytham Stage E2694 River Tham 4.6 cm
Little Caldew Maltings Stage 765100 Little Caldew 35.8 cm
Little Hadham Stage 5039th River Ash 1.9 cm
Littlehampton Stage E9740 Maod River Arun -147.9 cm
Little Ouse Stage E21838 River Little Ouse 185.5 cm
Little Puddle Stage 44220 River Piddle 12.7 cm
Littlethorpe Stage 4082 River Soar 206.4 cm 0.32 m³/s
Little Walsingham Stage E24313 River Stiffkey 19 cm
Littlewood Bridge Stage 700509 River Lostock 57.3 cm
Little Woolden Hall Stage 693032 Glaze Brook 56.2 cm
Litton Cheney Stage 44112 Litton Cheney Stream 14.7 cm
Liverpool Môr (Sea) -224.4 cm
Liverpool Road Stage 694041 Sankey Brook 142.3 cm
Liverpool Road, Stoke-On-Trent Stage 4815 Fowlea Brook 5.4 cm
Liverpool Tidal Level E70139 Maod Mean Tide -365.2 cm
Liversedge Halifax Road Stage L1386 Lands Beck -0.7 cm
Llanbadarn Fawr Rheidol 38.4 cm
Llanddeti (Llandetty) Wysg (Usk) 50.8 cm
Llanddewi Ieithon (Ithon) 10.4 cm
Llanddowror Hydfron 12.6 cm
Llandrinio Hafren (Severn) 126.3 cm
Llandudno Môr (Sea) -264.7 cm
Llandybie Marias 25.2 cm
Llandysul Tyweli 21 cm
Llanedern (Llanedeyrn) Rhymni (Rhymney) 28.8 cm
Llanelwy (St Asaph) Elwy 113.3 cm
Llanerfyl Banw (Banwy) 107.9 cm
Llanfair Teifi 39.8 cm
Llanfair-Ym-Muallt (Builth Wells) Gwy (Wye) 104.9 cm
Llanfihangel Dyffryn Arwy (Michaelchurch On Arrow) Arwy (Arrow) 12.5 cm
Llanfihangel Troddi (Mitchel Troy) Troddi (Trothy) 21.1 cm
Llanfyllin (Cain) Cain 15.7 cm
Llangadog Bran (Llangadog) 36.8 cm
Llangefni Cefni 802.8 cm
Llangennech Llwchwr (Loughor) 45.1 cm
Llangorwen Clarach 26.3 cm
Llangyndeyrn (Llangendeirne) Gwendraeth Fach 50.3 cm
Llanidloes Hafren (Severn) 114.1 cm
Llanilltud Gwyr (Ilston) Nant Pennard (Pennard Pill) 7.7 cm
Llanmaes Nant Llanmaes (Llanmaes Brook) 45.1 cm
Llanrhystud Wyre 20 cm
Llansantffraid Cain 69.3 cm
Llanw Aberystwyth (Aberystwyth Tidal) Rheidol 44.7 cm
Llanw Llanelli (Llanelli Tidal) Llwchwr (Loughor) 190 cm
Llanw Nedd (Neath Tidal) Nedd (Neath) 143.5 cm
Llanwrda Dulais (Llanwrda) 31.8 cm
Llanyblodwel Hafren (Severn) 30.3 cm
Llanyblodwel Stage 2038 River Tanat 40.5 cm
Llanymddyfri (Llandovery) Bran (Llanymddyfri) (Bran (Llandovery)) 33.4 cm
Llanymynech Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy) 136.2 cm
Llawr Cae Cerist 7.8 cm
Loakmill No 2 Garry Burn 20.6 cm
Loch A Bhraoin Loch A Bhraoin 109.1 cm
Loch Ailsh Level Oykel 25.4 cm
Loch Ard Forth 92.1 cm
Loch Dee Outlet Blackwater Of Dee 71.5 cm
Lochinvar Storage Basin, Longtown Stage 770500 Lochinvar Beck 10.3 cm
Loch Katrine Achray Water 13.1 cm
Loch Leven Sluices Leven (Fife) 23.3 cm
Loch Naver Loch Naver 522.2 cm
Loch Tormasad Tormasad 58.6 cm
Loch Vaa Loch Vaa 138.6 cm
Loch Venachar Eas Gobhain 14.1 cm
Locks Weir Stage 710151 River Ribble 21.1 cm
Lodden Bridge Stage 43208 River Lodden 26.6 cm
Loddiswell Stage 46119 River Avon 36.2 cm
Lode Stage E21191 Quy Water 23.1 cm
Lodge Farm Downstream Stage 2442th River Whitewater 15.4 cm
Lodge Farm Stage 2442th River Whitewater 19.6 cm
Lodore Stage 750106 Derwentwater 83.1 cm
Lodsbridge Stage E10380 River Rother 62.7 cm
Loe Pool Stage 48117 River Cober 353.4 cm
Lofthouse Stage L1719 Oulton Beck 34 cm
Loftsome Bridge Stage F2802 Maod River Derwent 218.8 cm
Loftus East Crescent Stage L2926 Loftus Beck 35 cm
Logie Bridge Findhorn 39.2 cm
Logie Mill North Esk (Tayside) 40.4 cm
Login Taf 83 cm
Lomeshaye Stage 712130 Pendle Water 15.9 cm
London Colney Stage 2814th River Colne 110.7 cm
London Road Stage 690713 River Medlock 7.3 cm
Longacre Groundwater Su38-46b Maod Groundwater Level 13509.1 cm
Longbridge Mill Stage 2409th River Loddon 41.3 cm
Longbridge Stage 4902 River Rea 12.3 cm
Longbridge Stage E13363 River Test 109.2 cm
Longford Stage 2209 River Sowe 60 cm
Longley Road Downstream Stage 4189th River Graveney -13.2 cm
Longley Road Stage 4189th River Graveney 0.06 m³/s
Long Load 1 52156 Witcombe Bottom Main Drain 738 cm
Long Melford Stage E22563 Chad Brook 20.2 cm
Louds Mill Stage 44205 River Frome 11.6 cm
Loughborough Stage 4205 Wood Brook 4.3 cm
Lough Erne Belle Isle Erne 4610 cm
Lough Erne Rosscor Erne 4604 cm
Lough Neagh Ardboe Point Lough Neagh 1252 cm
Lough Neagh Loughview Road Lough Neagh 1254.8 cm
Lough Neagh Oxford Island Lough Neagh 1251.2 cm
Lough Neagh Toome Lough Neagh 1251.5 cm
Loughton Stage 5470th River Roding 5.7 cm
Louth Stage E1759 River Lud 11.4 cm
Loverley Farm 1 43218 River Allen 48.1 cm
Loverley Farm Stage 43218 River Allen 0.42 m³/s
Lovington Stage 52207 River Brue 11.5 cm
Low Bentham Stage 724323 River Wenning 61.5 cm
Lowdham Grange Stage 4207 Cocker Beck 14.4 cm
Lowdham Stage 4060 Dover Beck 17.1 cm
Lower Arncott Stage 1483th River Ray 53.4 cm
Lower Bann Toome Bann 1151.4 cm
Lower Camden Stage 4383th Kyd Brook 89.8 cm
Lower Nazeing Stage 5313th Nazeing Brook 104.3 cm
Lower Stratton Stage 0710th River Cole 193.8 cm
Lowestoft Tidal Level E70039 Maod Mean Tide 48.1 cm
Low Houses Stage F2290 Snaizeholme Beck 16.2 cm
Lowlands Stage 024013 River Gaunless 6.5 cm
Low Malzie Bladnoch 94.7 cm
Low Marishes Stage F2702 River Derwent 204.4 cm 3.59 m³/s
Low Moor Stage 710301 River Ribble 24 cm
Low Moor Stage F3606 River Tees 40.9 cm
Low Nibthwaite Stage 737537 River Crake 28.9 cm
Low Street Stage E22006 River Yare 16.2 cm
Loxley Rowell Bridge Stage F0513 River Loxley 7.7 cm
Ludbrook Stage 47122 River Tavy 38.3 cm
Ludlow Corve Stage 2169 River Corve 73.9 cm
Ludlow Teme Stage 2625 River Teme 103.1 cm
Luffness Peffer Burn (West) 28.3 cm
Lugwardine Llugwy (Lugg) 48.6 cm
Luncarty Ordie Burn 12.9 cm
Lunes Bridge Stage 722242 River Lune 50.8 cm
Luss Luss Water 48 cm
Luther Bridge Luther Water 26.8 cm
Luton East Hyde Stage 4641th River Lee 117.9 cm
Luton, Stockingstone Road Stage 4625th River Lee 15 cm
Luton, Toddington Road Downstream Stage 4615th River Lee 4.5 cm
Luton, Toddington Road Height 4615th River Lee 1 cm
Luton, Toddington Road Stage 4615th River Lee 5.5 cm
Luxborough Stage E6191 Washford River 6.5 cm
Luxulyan Stage 48140 Par River 27.6 cm
Lydbrook Stage 2320 River Wye 100.1 cm
Lydney Stage 2629 River Lyd 20.6 cm
Lymington River Level Stage E14520 Maod Lymington -74.3 cm
Lymington Tide Tidal Level E14521 Maod Lymington -62.3 cm
Lympstone Longbrook Lane Stage E84109 Wotton Brook 9 cm
Lympstone Tidal Level 50180 Exe Estuary 149.2 cm
Lyne Ford Tweed 57.7 cm
Lyne Station Lyne Water 46 cm
Maesbrook Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy) 6.4 cm
Maesbrook Stage 2832 Flood Channel 6.5 cm
Maesteg Llynfi 24.6 cm
Magdalen Bridge Tidal Level E23745 River Great Ouse 367.3 cm
Magherafelt Bus Station Magherafelt 68.2 cm
Magpie Hall Lane Stage 4314th River Ravensbourne 92.4 cm
Maidenbower Stage 3223th Gatwick Stream 70.2 cm
Maidencots Duneaton Water 26.1 cm
Maidenhead Stage 2604th River Thames 28.42 m³/s
Maiden Newton Stage 44204 River Frome 25.4 cm
Maidstone Stage E140 River Medway 33.2 cm
Mainholm Ayr 54 cm
Malinbridge Stage L0511 River Loxley 24 cm
Malton, A64 Road Bridge Stage F2809 River Derwent 91.7 cm
Malton Stage L2809 River Derwent 92.3 cm
Mancetter Stage 4123 River Anker 74.6 cm
Manchester Racecourse Stage 690510 River Irwell 80.3 cm
Manley Hall Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 48 cm
Manorafon Tywi 94.3 cm
Manor House Gardens Stage 4389th River Quaggy 3.1 cm
Mansfield Pleasley Stage 4689 River Meden 81.6 cm
Mansfield The Dykes Stage 4115 River Maun 27 cm
Manthorpe Stage E2710 East Glen River 45.4 cm
Manvers Old Moor Lane Stage L0851 Knoll Beck 36.7 cm
Mapledurham Lock Downstream Stage 2199th River Thames 225.8 cm
Mapledurham Lock Stage 2199th River Thames 7.7 cm
Marble Lodge Tilt 40.1 cm
Marchington Stage 4125 Marchington Brook 16.8 cm
March Street Eddleston Water 17.9 cm
Mardock Stage 5080th River Ash 17.3 cm
Marefield Stage 4202 Gaddesby Brook 83 cm
Marham Stage E23705 River Nar 19.7 cm
Market Deeping Stage E2608 River Welland 6.5 cm
Market Harborough Stage E2097 River Welland 12.3 cm
Market Rasen Stage E1502 River Rase 9.1 cm
Market Weighton Stage L3408 Mill Beck 26.6 cm
Markyate Downstream Stage 2813th River Ver 0.2 cm
Markyate Stage 2813th River Ver 1.4 cm
Marlborough Stage 2210th River Kennet 33.4 cm 0.6 m³/s
Mar Lodge Dee (Grampian) 79.7 cm
Marlow Lock Downstream Stage 2499th River Thames 217.2 cm
Marlow Lock Stage 2499th River Thames 10 cm
Marple Bridge Stage 692370 River Goyt 21.9 cm
Marsh Farm Stage 3680th River Crane 11.8 cm
Marshfield Bridge Stage 680403 Valley Brook 21.9 cm
Marsh Lock Downstream Stage 2495th River Thames 236.2 cm
Marsh Lock Stage 2495th River Thames 16.2 cm
Marsh Road Sluice Stage E65501 River Welland 116.5 cm
Marston On Dove Stage 4018 River Dove 53.8 cm
Martin's Bridge Callan 68.7 cm
Mary Tavy Stage 47135 River Tavy 17.5 cm
Masham Stage L2205 River Ure 23.1 cm
Masham, Swinney Beck Stage L2241 Swinney Beck 14 cm
Matlock Stage 4011 River Derwent 50.3 cm
Matson Place Stage 2666 Sud Brook 16 cm
Mattersey Stage 4015 River Idle 181.9 cm
Maunby Stage L2304 River Swale 3.2 cm
Maydown Bridge Blackwater 107.6 cm
Mayfield Road Downstream Stage 2432th Cove Brook 89.1 cm
Mayfield Road Stage 2432th Cove Brook 88.4 cm
Mayfield Stage 4122 River Dove 28.1 cm
Meadowgate Regulator Downstream Stage L0306 Maod River Rother 3324.8 cm
Meadowgate Regulator Stage L0306 Maod River Rother 3631.7 cm
Meanwood Stage L17022 Meanwood Beck 23 cm
Medbourne Flood Storage Reservoir Stage E4828 Medbourne Brook 24.5 cm
Medbourne Stage E2717 Medbourne Brook 2.6 cm
Medmerry Stage 2708so Maod Tide 99.7 cm
Meerut Road Stage E14530 Lymington 0.6 cm
Meifod Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy) 87.1 cm
Meikleholm Bridge Annan 5.4 cm
Melbourne Park Carlisle Stage 764020 River Petteril 50 cm
Meldon Stage 50131 West Okement River 14.5 cm
Melford Stage E21195 River Thet 22.1 cm
Melin Peblig (Peblic Mill) Seiont 42.4 cm
Melin Prendergast (Prendergast Mill) Cleddau Wen (Western Cleddau) 86.2 cm
Melksham Clackers Stage 531188 Clackers Brook 3.3 cm
Melksham Shaw Stage 531189 South Brook 1.9 cm
Melton Park Stage 4192 River Wreake 74.3 cm
Merestones Road Stage 2653 Hatherley Brook 5.1 cm
Merthyr Tudful (Merthyr Tydfil) Taf (Taff) 26.3 cm
Methley Stage F1301 River Calder 117.3 cm
Mevagissey 2 48191 Mevagissey Stream 7.2 cm
Mevagissey Stage 48191 Mevagissey Stream 11.7 cm
Mexborough Dearne Mouth Downstream Stage L0800 Maod Dearne Washlands 1024.6 cm
Mexborough Dearne Mouth Stage L0800 Maod Dearne Washlands 992.8 cm
Mexborough Lock Stage L0705 River Don 64.7 cm
Mickletown Ings Stage L1741 Aire Washlands 48.1 cm
Middlehill Stage 53130 By Brook 23.2 cm
Middlesbrough Albert Park Footbridge Stage L3921a Marton West Beck -1.9 cm
Middlesbrough Albert Park Stage L3921 Marton West Beck 3.8 cm
Middlesbrough Ormesby Hall Stage L39011 Ormesby Beck 2 cm
Middleton Bridge Stage 022015 River Wansbeck 13.9 cm
Middleton Stage F3505 River Tees 45.1 cm
Midelney Stage 52153 River Isle 156.7 cm
Midelney Stage 52154 West Moor Drain 99 cm
Midford Stage 53124 Midford Brook 63.4 cm
Milford Bridge Stage E14320 Maod Danes Stream 91.9 cm
Milford Haven Môr (Sea) 110.9 cm
Milford Stage 4014 River Sow 82.3 cm
Mill Bank Lunan Burn 38.2 cm
Millbourne Bridge Stage 2966th Mill Bourne 91.9 cm
Millbrook Grwyne Fawr 8 cm
Millbrook Stage E13281 Tanners Brook -2.2 cm
Mill Croft Abhainn Roag 118.6 cm
Miller Bridge House Stage 735022 River Rothay 56.1 cm
Milliken Park Black Cart Water 24.8 cm
Mill Of Tore Enrick 36.5 cm
Milngavie Allander Water 37.6 cm
Milnshaw Stage 712370 River Hyndburn 24.2 cm
Milton Keynes Stage E22377 River Ouzel 51 cm
Milton Of Campsie Glazert Water 32.5 cm
Milverton Stage 52107 Hillfarrance Brook 12.1 cm
Mimmshall Brook Stage 2809th Mimmshall Brook 33.3 cm
Minehead Tidal Level 51103 Maod North Somerset Coast 434.4 cm
Minmore Livet 17.2 cm
Minnoch Bridge Water Of Minnoch 67.4 cm
Minns Estate Stage 1635th Seacourt Stream 114.5 cm
Minsterworth Stage 2102 River Severn 73.2 cm
Mint Bridge Stage 730404 River Mint 34.5 cm
Mislingford Stage E11690 River Meon 29.3 cm
Missenden Stage 2873th River Misbourne 25.1 cm
Mitford Stage 022007 River Wansbeck 86 cm
Moar Lyon 58.2 cm
Mole Mills Stage 50153 River Mole 4 cm
Molesey Lock Downstream Stage 3102th River Thames 248.3 cm
Molesey Lock Stage 3102th River Thames 18.9 cm
Molingey Stage 48158 St Austell River 63.1 cm
Monaughty Llugwy (Lugg) 14.2 cm
Moneygran Wood Bann 51.2 cm
Monkton Mead Stage E15060 Monktonmead Brook 12.9 cm
Monkton Stage L2409 River Ouse 75.4 cm
Montford Hafren (Severn) 74 cm
Montford Stage 2005 River Severn 68.5 cm 9.82 m³/s
Moorend Road Stage 2671 Lilley Brook 33.7 cm
Moorhouse Stage F3509 Trout Beck 26.7 cm
Moor Lane Stage 2862th River Colne 760.5 cm
Mor Brook Stage 2636 Moors River 10.1 cm
Morden Park Stage 4050th Pyl Brook 50.6 cm
Mordiford Gwy (Wye) 52.6 cm
Moreton Stage 1208th River Evenlode 10.3 cm
Moreton Stage 5425th Cripsey Brook 9.3 cm
Morfa Tawe 322.7 cm
Morpeth Stage 022017 Maod River Wansbeck 2437.6 cm
Morwick Stage 022001 River Coquet 34.5 cm
Mossknowe Kirtle Water 90.4 cm
Motcombe Stage 433114 Motcombe Stream 13 cm
Motspur Park Stage 4040th Beverley Brook 93.6 cm
Mountmill Bridge Clanrye 92 cm
Mountnessing Stage E24899 River Wid 33.4 cm
Mouthbridge Blackadder Water 32.4 cm
Movanagher Lower Bann 749 cm
Mowthorpe Stage L2604 Sea Cut 9.3 cm
Mowthorpe Weir Head Stage L2711 Maod River Derwent 4119 cm
Moyallen Upper Bann 65.6 cm
Moy Bridge Conon 71.3 cm
Moyles Court Stage 43126 Docken's Water 11.7 cm
Moyola New Bridge Moyola 96.1 cm
Muiresk Deveron 56.9 cm
Mumbles Môr (Sea) 185.8 cm
Munlyn Hafren (Severn) 29.5 cm
Murray Burn Murray Burn 5.6 cm
Murrayfield Water Of Leith 46.4 cm
Musselburgh Esk (Lothian) 39.1 cm
Musselburgh Tidal Firth Of Forth 20.1 cm
Musseldean Copse Groundwater 43173 Maod Groundwater Level 13321.4 cm
Myerscough Stage 720247 Old River Brock 9.1 cm
Mytham Bridge Stage 4037 River Derwent 81.7 cm
Mythe Bridge Stage 2087 River Severn 47.8 cm
Mytholmroyd Dauber Bridge Stage L1221 Cragg Brook 7.7 cm
Mytholmroyd Stage F1204 River Calder 120.9 cm
Myton-On-Swale Stage L2300 River Swale 52.3 cm
Naburn Lock Downstream Stage L2402 Maod River Ouse 214.8 cm
Naburn Lock Stage L2402 River Ouse 60.4 cm
Nant Peris Peris 88.3 cm
Nant Wych (Wych Brook) Nant Wych (Wych Brook) 56.1 cm
Nant-Y-Bwch (Nant Y Bwch) Sirhywi (Sirhowy) 7.3 cm
Nene Valley Stage E41647 River Nene 33 cm
Ness-Side Ness 87.3 cm
Ness Stage F2505 River Rye 46.6 cm
Netham Weir Stage 53133 River Avon 28.2 cm
Netherbury Stage 44107 River Brit 34 cm
Netherside Hall Stage F1906 River Wharfe 35.3 cm
Nettleham Stage E1776 Nettleham Beck 11 cm
Newark Balderton Stage 4690 Lowfield Drain 33.7 cm
Newark Weir Stage 3086th Maod River Wey 2026.3 cm
New Barnet Stage 5362th Pymmes Brook 13.9 cm
Newbiggin Bridge Stage 764050 River Petteril 51.4 cm
New Botley Stage 1645th Bulstake Stream 103.8 cm
Newbridge Gs Stage 1090-W1th River Windrush 358.9 cm
New Bridge Stage E9900 Maod River Arun 669.3 cm
Newbury Stage 2250th River Kennet 3.66 m³/s
Newby Bridge Stage 735430 River Leven 77.1 cm
Newcastleton Liddel Water 21.5 cm
Newcastle Under Lyme Stage 4152 Lyme Brook 22.6 cm
Newferry Bann 50.7 cm
Newforge Lagan 69.2 cm
Newhaven Tidal Level E71739 Maod Mean Tide -259.5 cm
New Holland Tidal Level E1555 Maod Tide -163.8 cm
New Inn Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 56.2 cm
New Jumbles Rock Stage 713056 River Ribble 29.9 cm
New Kelso Carron (Wester Ross) 87.3 cm
Newliston Brox Burn (East Lothian) 13 cm
Newlyn Coombe Stage E82484 Newlyn Coombe River 17.2 cm
Newlyn Tidal Level E72239 Maod Mean Tide 196 cm
New Malden Stage 4070th Beverley Brook 79 cm
New Mill Holmfirth Road Stage L1034 New Mill Dike 27.5 cm
Newmilns Irvine 17.6 cm
Newnham Bridge Stage 2039 River Rea 53.1 cm
Newnham Bridge Stage 50132 River Taw 26.8 cm
Newnham Park Stage 47119 Tory Brook 42.2 cm
Newport Firth Of Tay 336.7 cm
Newport Môr (Sea) 11.7 cm
Newport Pagnell Cemetery Stage E21449 River Great Ouse 24.6 cm
Newport Pagnell Stage E21445 River Great Ouse 26.4 cm
Newport Tidal Level E15110 Maod Tide -55 cm
Newry Bus Station Newry 22 cm
Newry Hockey Club Newry 13.4 cm
Newton Bridge Almond (Tayside) 32.5 cm
Newton On Ouse Stage F2480 River Kyle 22.8 cm
Newton Stewart Cree 83.8 cm
Newtown Bridge Stage 50133 River Bray 45.9 cm
Newtown Linford Stage 46839 River Lin 83.6 cm
Newtownstewart Strule 67.8 cm
New Valley Road Stage E14250 Danes Stream 1.4 cm
New York Stage E4413 West Fen Catchwater Drain 87.5 cm
Noak Bridge Stage E22004 Maod River Crouch -75.1 cm
Norham Tweed 133.4 cm
Norham Stage 021009 River Tweed 131.1 cm
Norley Bridge Stage 50134 River North Lew 14.5 cm
Normanby Stage F2540 River Seven 9.5 cm
Northallerton Stage L2323 Willow Beck 25.2 cm
North America Stage L3404 Maod Market Weighton Canal -23.1 cm
North Bovey Stage 46111 River Bovey 14.7 cm
North Cave Stage F3480 Mires Beck 17.4 cm
North Cheam Stage 4045th Pyl Brook 91.4 cm
North Drain Stage 52213 Maod North Drain 176.5 cm
North Elham Groundwater E4752 Maod Groundwater Level 7332 cm
Northenden Stage 692710 River Mersey 29.3 cm
Northern Moor Stage 693115 Baguley Brook 24.3 cm
North Fareham Weir Stage E11301 River Wallington 13.1 cm
North Finchley Stage 3806th Dollis Brook 23.3 cm
Northholt, Yeading East Stage 3629th Yeading Brook (Eastern Arm) 5.8 cm
North Hull Birdsall Avenue Stage L32013-Ne Setting Dyke 14 cm
North Hykeham Stage E1780 River Witham 7.2 cm
North Molton Stage 50135 River Mole 20.2 cm
Northmoor Drain Stage 52159 Maod Northmoor Main Drain 330.2 cm
Northmoor Lock Downstream Stage 1099th River Thames 163.5 cm
Northmoor Lock Stage 1099th River Thames 11.9 cm
Northmoor Pumping Station Sump Level 52145 Northmoor Main Drain 236.7 cm
North Muskham Stage 4022 River Trent 605.23 m³/s
North Mymms Stage 2810th Mimmshall Brook 27.9 cm
Northorpe Stage F1385 Spen Beck 4.5 cm
North Pond Stage E11733 Maod River Hamble 3470.3 cm
North Shields Tidal Level E70939 Maod Mean Tide 96.2 cm
North Witham Stage E1299 River Witham 18.1 cm
Norton Mill Beck Screen Stage L28092 Mill Beck 0.7 cm
Norton Priorpot Beck Ps Stage L28091 Priorpot Beck 16.4 cm
Norwood Stage L0930 Ea Beck 129.3 cm
Nun Appleton Fleet Pumping Station Stage L2011 Maod River Wharfe 200.7 cm
Nun Appleton Fleet Pumping Station Stage L2012 The Fleet 44.7 cm
Nuneaton Stage 4149 River Anker 75.6 cm
Nungate Tyne 73.1 cm
Nunnington Stage F2581 River Riccal 19.1 cm
Nunnykirk Stage 022016 River Font 34.3 cm
Nunton Bridge Stage 43120 River Ebble 49.9 cm
Nutclough Stage L1231 Hebden Water -5.5 cm
Oak Cottage Stage 2034 Dowles Brook 11.8 cm
Oakenshaw Wyke Bottoms Stage L13810 Low Moor Beck 5.8 cm
Oakington Stage E47041 Oakington Brook 18 cm
Oakley Cross Beck Stage 024023 Oakley Cross Beck 23.3 cm
Oakley Industrial Estate Groundwater 43172 Maod Groundwater Level 8692.3 cm
Oaksey Downstream Stage 0155th Swill Brook -4 cm
Oaksey Stage 0155th Swill Brook 3.9 cm
Oakworth Mytholmes Lane Stage L1405 River Worth 5.9 cm
Oban Tidal Firth Of Lorn 393.9 cm
Odstock Groundwater 43174 Maod Groundwater Level 5203.7 cm
Offenham Stage 2023 Badsey Brook 17.9 cm
Offord Stage E24367 River Great Ouse 47.6 cm
Okehampton Mill Road Stage 50195 East Okement River 13.6 cm
Oldbury Stage 531190 Maod Oldbury Naite Rhyne 230.5 cm
Oldbury Tidal Level 531191 Maod Oldbury Tidal Naite Rhyne 297.5 cm
Old Mill Ewenni Fach (Ewnenny Fach) 13.6 cm
Old Mill Bridge, Lowick Stage E2655 Harpers Brook 15.4 cm
Old Mill Lane Stage 693421 River Bollin 11.4 cm
Old Windsor Lock Downstream Stage 2703th River Thames 290.9 cm
Old Windsor Lock Stage 2703th River Thames 32.1 cm
Old Woking Stage 3085th River Wey 251.7 cm
Old Wye Bridge, Hereford Gwy (Wye) 23.5 cm
Olney Stage E21325 River Great Ouse 17.1 cm
Olway Inn Nant Olwy (Olway Brook) 8.6 cm
Onibury Hafren (Severn) 89.4 cm
Onibury Stage 2054 River Onny 91.4 cm
Orangefield Conn's Water 544.3 cm
Ordsall Stage 4164 River Idle 30.3 cm
Orford Ness Tidal Level E24826 Maod Suffolk Coast 5.3 cm
Orleton Millbrook Way Stage 2548 Mill Brook 10.5 cm
Ormiston Mill Teviot 95.9 cm
Orton Sluice Stage E1997 River Nene 124.4 cm
Osney Lock Downstream Stage 1303th River Thames 231.7 cm
Osney Lock Stage 1303th River Thames 1.1 cm
Otford Stage E15240 River Darent 25.9 cm
Otley Stage L2009 River Wharfe 40.2 cm
Otterburn Mill Stage 023024 River Rede 49.1 cm
Otterburn Stage 023033 River Rede 63.7 cm
Otterton Fore Street Gibbonhole Stage E84029 Otterton Brook 11 cm
Oulton Broad Stage E24823 Maod River Waveney -0.2 cm
Oulton Lemonroyd Stage F1702 River Aire 24.6 cm
Oulton St Aidans Stage L1751 Aire Washlands 18.1 cm
Ousden Stage E23956 River Kennett 42.6 cm
Ouse Bridge Stage 751110 River Derwent 73.8 cm
Overlee White Cart Water 11.8 cm
Ower Stage E13291 River Blackwater 8.1 cm
Oxenhope Stage L1431 Bridgehouse Beck 3 cm
Oxford Botanical Gardens Stage 1490th River Cherwell 471.1 cm
Oxford Road Stage 712052 River Calder 27.1 cm
Oxgang Luggie Water 24.2 cm
Oxlease Stage E13490 Maod River Test 1508.6 cm
Oxspring Bower Hill Stage L0508 River Don 2.5 cm
Oxton Stage 4187 Oxton Dumble 1.8 cm
Packington Stage 4167 Gilwiskaw Brook 21.6 cm
Padiham Town Centre Stage 712223 River Calder 29.3 cm
Padstow Tidal Level 49116 Maod North Cornwall Coast 61.3 cm
Paignton Kings Ash Road Stage E84209 Clennon Valley Watercourse 12.1 cm
Palmers Dam Stage 46120 River Harbourne 50.2 cm
Pangbourne Downstream Stage 2190th River Pang -5.6 cm
Pangbourne Stage 2190th River Pang 18.8 cm
Panshanger Stage 4790th River Mimram 57.2 cm
Pant Mawr Gwy (Wye) 17 cm
Parbold Stage 700311 River Douglas 12.4 cm
Parc Kiln (Kiln Park) Ritec 30.2 cm
Park Dee (Grampian) 98.8 cm
Park Bridge Stage L2312 River Swale 19.7 cm
Park Centre Park Centre 388.2 cm
Parkend Stage 2124 River Lyd 6.6 cm
Park Farm Stage E921 River Darent 16.5 cm
Parkhill Don 114.8 cm
Park Hill Stage 4105 River Tame 121.1 cm
Parsons Street Stage 51112 Hawkcombe Stream -13.1 cm
Partington Stage 693132 Sinderland Brook 14.3 cm
Partney Stage E1788 River Lymn 5.9 cm
Passfield Mill Stage 3028th River Wey 105.9 cm
Pateley Bridge Stage L2107 River Nidd 11.6 cm
Patrington Haven Outstrays Stage L3340 Maod Winestead Drain 109.2 cm
Paull Stage L3320 Maod North Sea 353.6 cm
Pawston Stage 021039 Bowmont Water 40 cm
Peebles Tweed 36.9 cm
Peeks Brook Lane Stage 3232th Burstow Stream 91.4 cm
Penberth Stage 48173 Penberth Stream 24.9 cm
Pencaenewydd Erch 14.1 cm
Penistone Stage L0509 River Don 33.7 cm
Penkridge Downstream Stage 4053 River Penk 9.8 cm
Penkridge Stage 4053 River Penk 27.6 cm
Pen Mill Stage 52117 River Yeo 16.9 cm
Penny Bridge Stage 710102 River Ribble 40.5 cm
Penryn Trelawney Park Downstream Stage 48143 Praze Stream -1304.5 cm
Penshurst Stage E1140 Eden Tributary Medway 23.1 cm
Pentewan Downstream Stage 48145 St Austell River 118.2 cm
Penton Hook Downstream Stage 2901th River Thames 292 cm
Penton Hook Stage 2901th River Thames 29.5 cm
Penvose Stage 49117 River Allen 11.2 cm
Penwortham Stage 713354 River Ribble 185.7 cm
Pen-Y-Bont Ar Ogwr (Bridgend) Ogwr (Ogmore) 38.9 cm
Pen-Y-Bont (Penybont) Ogwr (Ogmore) 47.2 cm
Penzance Alverton Stage 48188 Lariggan River 10.2 cm
Penzance Tesco Stage 48189 Ponsandane Stream 20.1 cm
Perdiswell Stage 2872 Barbourne Brook 61 cm
Perlethorpe Stage 4118 River Meden 47.7 cm
Perrancoombe Stage 48121 Perrancombe Stream 20.4 cm
Perry Park Stage 4087 River Tame 72.6 cm
Pershore Stage 2097 River Avon 322.1 cm
Perth Tay 28.9 cm
Peterchurch Dore 30.2 cm
Pevensey Tidal Level E7290 Maod Salt Haven -173 cm
Philiphaugh Yarrow Water 26.8 cm
Pickering Costa Beck Downstream Stage F2518 Costa Beck 15.5 cm
Pickering Costa Beck Stage F2518 Costa Beck 16.3 cm
Pickering Flood Alleviation Scheme 1 L2516 Pickering Beck 53.9 cm
Pickering Flood Alleviation Scheme Downstream Stage L2516 Pickering Beck 34.1 cm
Pickering, Ings Bridge Stage F2515 Pickering Beck 12.2 cm
Pickerings Cut Stage 682223 River Weaver 477 cm
Pickering Stage F2517 Pickering Beck 25.6 cm
Pillaton Stage 47136 River Lynher 30.7 cm
Pilling, Broadfleet Stage 725139 Broad Fleet 80.1 cm
Pillings Lock Stage 4093 River Soar 96.3 cm
Pimlico Brook Stage 710315 Pimlico Brook 11.6 cm
Pincock Brow Stage 700404 River Yarrow 10.1 cm
Pinkhill Lock Downstream Stage 1102th River Thames 177 cm
Pinkhill Lock Stage 1102th River Thames 11.1 cm
Pinner, Avenue Road Stage 2803th River Pinn 17.8 cm
Pinner, Eastcote Road Stage 2804th River Pinn 35 cm
Pinner, Moss Close Stage 2886th River Pinn 12.4 cm
Pinxton Stage 4146 River Erewash 7.5 cm
Pioneer Mills Stage 690250 River Irwell 41 cm
Pishiobury Brook Stage 5172th Pishiobury Brook 114.9 cm
Pitcaple Urie 52.8 cm
Pitlochry Tummel 43.5 cm
Pitnacree Tay 71.2 cm
Pixton Stage 45122 River Exe 14.7 cm
Plaistow Mill Stage 50136 Bradiford Water 12.7 cm
Plaza Grill Stage E13442 Maod Barge Canal 1632 cm
Pluscarden Abbey Black Burn 36.6 cm
Plymouth Tidal Level E72139 Maod Mean Tide 219.9 cm
Plympton Stage 47120 Long Brook 19.8 cm
Pocklington Stage L2837 Pocklington Beck 0.1 cm
Pointon Lode Stage E1228 Pointon Lode 3.1 cm
Polesworth Downstream Stage 4026 River Anker -9 cm
Polesworth Stage 4026 River Anker 16.6 cm
Polhollick Dee (Grampian) 59.3 cm
Polloch Allt Coire Nan Con 30.1 cm
Polmonthill Avon (Forth Valley) 46.9 cm
Polperro Stage 49118 River Pol 9.3 cm
Polson Bridge Stage 47115 River Tamar 34.2 cm
Polstead Stage E22697 River Box 14.7 cm
Ponsanooth Stage 48183 River Kennall 6.5 cm
Pontaman (Pont Amman) Aman (Amman) 55.5 cm
Pontardawe Clydach Uchaf (Upper Clydach) 23 cm
Pontarddulais (Pontardulais) Dulais Ar Llwchwr (Dulais On Loughor) 7.1 cm
Pont-Ar-Ysgir (Pont Ar Yscir) Ysgir (Yscir) 7 cm
Pontblyddyn Alun (Alyn) 57.4 cm
Pont Canaston (Canaston Bridge) Cleddau Ddu (Eastern Cleddau) 66.7 cm
Pont Cilrhedyn (Cilrhedyn Bridge) Gwaun 28.1 cm
Pont Dafydd Clwyd 82.2 cm
Pont Dyfi (Dyfi Bridge) Dyfi 116.3 cm
Pontefract Wash Dike Stage L1813 Wash Dike 13.3 cm
Pont Fadlen (Merlins Bridge) Merlin’s Brook (Merlin's Brook) 36.9 cm
Pont Fawr Conwy 503.8 cm
Pont Felindre Gwydderig 55.9 cm
Pont Forge (Forge Bridge) Llwchwr (Loughor) 22.9 cm
Pont Gadwyni (Chainbridge) Wysg (Usk) 46.3 cm
Pont Gerddi Gwanwyn ,llanelwy (Spring Gardens Pont, St Asaph) Elwy 915.4 cm
Pont Gethin Lledr 60.5 cm
Pont Gigman (Gigman Bridge) Ddawan (Thaw) 19.4 cm
Pont Glan-Bad (Upper Boat Bridge) Taf (Taff) 31.2 cm
Pont Hen Hafod Senni 16.6 cm
Pont-Hir (Ponthir) Lwyd 38.9 cm
Pont-Iets (Pontyates) Gwendraeth Fawr 20.6 cm
Pont Llan-Ffwyst (Llanfoist Bridge) Wysg (Usk) 32.3 cm
Pont Llanio Teifi 70.9 cm
Pont Llolwyn Ystwyth 115.9 cm
Pontneddfechan Mellte 21.7 cm
Pontnewynydd Abersychan Lwyd 18.7 cm
Pontrhydfendigaid Teifi 60.9 cm
Pontrobert (Pont Robert) Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy) 97.1 cm
Pontsticill Taf Fechan 19 cm
Ponts Vale Stage 48122 Par River 17.3 cm
Pont Trelai (Ely Bridge) Elái (Ely) 54.7 cm
Pontyberem Gwendraeth Fawr 54.7 cm
Pont Y Cambwll Clwyd 48.8 cm
Pont Y Capel Alun (Alyn) 32.1 cm
Pont Y Cerbyd Solfach 31.4 cm
Pont Y Cim Llyfni 25.5 cm
Pont-Y-Cob Lliw 320.9 cm
Pont Y Dee (Dee Bridge) Ddyfrdwy (Dee) 140.3 cm
Pont-Y-Gaer Camlad 85.5 cm
Pont Y Garth Dysynni 41.1 cm
Pont Y Gwyddel Elwy 49.1 cm
Pont Ynys Fach (Ynys Fach Bridge) Nant Clydach (Clydach Brook) 25.9 cm
Pontypridd Taf (Taff) 46.5 cm
Pool Bridge Stage L2008 River Wharfe 8.3 cm
Poole Harbour 1 44232 Maod Dorset Coast -8.5 cm
Poole Street Stage E22727 River Colne 9.8 cm
Poolewe Ewe 98 cm
Pooley Bridge Stage 761605 River Eamont 31.1 cm
Pooley Bridge Steamer Pier Stage 761595 Ullswater 137.7 cm
Portaferry Road Strangford Lough 88.4 cm
Porth Trefynwy (Monnow Gate) Mynwy (Monnow) 189 cm
Portinscale Stage 751007 River Derwent 48.5 cm
Port Isaac Stage 49170 Coastal Stream 16.8 cm
Portland Tidal Level 44106 Maod Dorset Coast 96.8 cm
Portmarsh Lane Stage 50137 Coney Gut 18.7 cm
Portna Gates Bann 21.5 cm
Portsmouth Lennox Road Stage L12010 River Calder 30.7 cm
Portsmouth Stage 2832so Maod Tide -123.7 cm
Portwood Stage 692423 River Tame 11.1 cm
Pothouse Wharf Tywi 277.2 cm
Poulton Cottam Hall Field Grid Stage 720708 Horsebridge Dyke 13.7 cm
Poulton Farm Downstream Stage 2219th River Og -1.5 cm
Poulton Farm Stage 2219th River Og 20.6 cm
Pound Mill, Staines Downstream Stage 2896th Wraysbury River -9.5 cm
Pound Mill, Staines Stage 2896th Wraysbury River 22.4 cm
Powerstock Stage 44121 Mangerton Brook 13.6 cm
Poyle Downstream Stage 2892th Poyle Channel 62.1 cm
Poyle Stage 2892th Poyle Channel 157.5 cm
Poynton Stage 692500 Poynton Brook 15.2 cm
Preesall Pumping Station, Cockers Dyke Stage 720780 Cockers Dyke 98.5 cm
Prestbury Road Stage 2660 Wymans Brook 2.6 cm
Prestbury Stage 693426 River Bollin 38.1 cm
Preston-Le-Skerne Stage F3705 River Skerne 21 cm
Princes Marsh Stage E10368 River Rother 7.7 cm
Promenâd Aberhonddu (Brecon Promenade) Wysg (Usk) 10.5 cm
Prosen Bridge Prosen Water 32.7 cm
Provender Mill Stage E9960 Maod River Arun 3521.1 cm
Pudsey Stage L17033 Farnley Beck 6.1 cm
Pulborough Swan Bridge Stage E9920 River Arun 140.7 cm
Purton Stoke Stage 0184th River Key 49.4 cm
Puslinch Stage 47125 River Yealm 35.2 cm
Puxton Stage 2267 River Stour 62.4 cm
Pyl Brook At West Barnes (Kings College) Stage 4063th Stage Uk 1445.6 cm
Pyotts Bridge Stage 2401th River Loddon 105.3 cm
Queen Manor Farm Groundwater 43167 Maod Groundwater Level 6723 cm
Queen's Mill Stage F1003 River Holme 27.7 cm
Quidenham Stage E21222 River Whittle 11.2 cm
Quinloch Bridge Blane Water 18.1 cm
Quixhill Stage 4142 River Churnet 28 cm
Radcot Lock Downstream Stage 0902th River Thames 166.8 cm
Radcot Lock Stage 0902th River Thames 8.1 cm
Radlett Stage 2808th Radlett Brook 40.7 cm
Ramsbottom Weir Stage 690155 River Irwell 26.7 cm
Ramshaw Mill Stage 024027 River Gaunless 10.8 cm
Ranworth Broad Tidal Level E21226 Maod River Bure 46.8 cm
Rathmore Bridge Rathmore Burn 110.1 cm
Rattlesden Stage E46059 Rattlesden River -3.1 cm
Ravernet Ravernet 59.9 cm
Rawcliffe Stage L2462 Blue Beck 2.5 cm
Rawtenstall Stage 690138 Limey Water 11.1 cm
Ray Farm Groundwater Su89-82 Maod Groundwater Level 5153.5 cm
Raymill Road Stage 2655th Maidenhead Ditch 7.6 cm
Reading Calcot Bridge Stage 2292bth River Kennet 193.3 cm
Reading Stage 2200th River Thames 10.99 m³/s
Reaverhill Stage 023003 River North Tyne 104.1 cm
Redbourn Downstream Stage 2815th River Ver 31.9 cm
Redbourn Downstream Stage 2816th River Red -6.4 cm
Redbourn Stage 2815th River Ver 32 cm
Redbourn Stage 2816th River Red 10.1 cm
Red Bridge Beauly 52.6 cm
Redbridge Stage 5480th River Roding 25.4 cm
Redbridge Stage E21230 River Thet 16.1 cm
Redbrook Gwy (Wye) 41.2 cm
Redcraig Bogie 44 cm
Rede Bridge Stage 023008 River Rede 42.3 cm
Redhall Kinnel Water 71.4 cm
Redhill Stage 3245th Redhill Brook 55.8 cm
Redlees Rotten Calder Water 12.3 cm
Red Rock Stage 700295 River Douglas 7.8 cm
Reedham Stage E24807 River Yare 80.2 cm
Reedyford Stage 712153 Pendle Water 40.8 cm
Reeth Stage L2351 Arkle Beck -3.9 cm
Relubbus Stage 48124 River Hayle 10.2 cm
Renagour Bridge Duchray Water 50 cm
Renfrew Tide Gauge Clyde 178.9 cm
Repps Tidal Level E24064 River Thurne 44.1 cm
Resolfen (Resolven) Nedd (Neath) 33.4 cm
Restormel 1 49110 River Fowey 26.2 cm
Restormel Stage 49110 River Fowey 26.4 cm
Revesby Stage E4976 West Fen Catchwater Drain 98.5 cm
Rewe Stage 45134 River Culm 31 cm
Rhisga (Risca) Ebwy (Ebbw) 9.1 cm
Rhiwderyn (Rhiwderin) Ebwy (Ebbw) 30.5 cm
Rhodfa'r Gorllewin (Western Avenue) Taf (Taff) 54.4 cm
Rhos Y Pentref Dulas 32.2 cm
Rhuddlan Clwyd 230.6 cm
Rhyd Glasfryn (Glasfryn Ford) Dewi Fawr 55.1 cm
Rhydymwyn Alun (Alyn) 58.6 cm
Ribchester Sarmatian Bridge Stage 713038 Boyces Brook 0.1 cm
Ribchester School Stage 713040 River Ribble 2.3 cm
Richmond Lownthwaite Bridge Stage L2307 River Swale 1.8 cm
Richmond Tidal Level 0009 Maod Thames Tideway 130.1 cm
Rickmansworth Downstream Stage 2859th River Chess 14.7 cm
Rickmansworth Stage 2859th River Chess 16.2 cm
Riddings Wood Stage 750801 River Greta 121.5 cm
Riddles Lane Groundwater 0782so Maod Groundwater Level 2361.4 cm
Ridge Way Groundwater 44241 Maod Groundwater Level 5738.7 cm
Riding Mill Stage 023023 River Tyne 112.6 cm
Ringwood Old Cottage Stage 431117 Maod Bickerly Mill Stream 18.6 cm
Ripon Birkby Nab Stage L2225 River Laver 29.4 cm
Ripon Stage F2220 River Laver 6 cm
Ripon Ure Bank Stage L2203 River Ure 20.8 cm
Ripponden Stage F1240 River Ryburn 15.8 cm
Riseley Stage E24829 River Kym 40.6 cm
Riston Pumping Station Stage L3250 Maod Monk Dyke 20.4 cm
River Freshney Grimsby Stage E1696 Laceby Beck 36.1 cm
Riverhead Groundwater E16201 Maod Groundwater Level 7840.4 cm
Rivermead Stage E13500 Maod River Test 1088.5 cm
Riverside Park Stage E12412 River Itchen 150 cm
Roall Ings Stage L1812 Roall Dyke 112.5 cm
Robstone Water Of Girvan 24.5 cm
Rocester Stage 4008 River Dove 22.3 cm
Rockbeare Bridge Stage E81979 Ford Stream 42.3 cm
Rockhay Bridge Stage 50118 River Torridge 38 cm
Rockland St Mary Tidal Level E21238 Maod River Yare 42.5 cm
Rodbourne Stage 0319th River Ray 28.1 cm
Rodbourne Stage 53153 Gauze Brook 4.4 cm
Rodington Stage 2016 River Roden 34.3 cm
Roe Bridge Stage 720248 River Brock 26.5 cm
Rolster Bridge Stage 46128 River Harbourne 6.2 cm
Romanby Stage L2322 Willow Beck 4.2 cm
Romford Stage 5522th River Rom 38.3 cm
Romney Lock Downstream Stage 2698th River Thames 297.5 cm
Romney Lock Stage 2698th River Thames 8.6 cm
Romsey Botley Road Stage E13271 Tadburn Lake 31.8 cm
Rosehall Cassley 68.2 cm
Rose In Vale Stage 48107 Perrancombe Stream 26.4 cm
Ross On Wye Gwy (Wye) 25.2 cm
Ross Priory Loch Lomond 780.8 cm
Rothbury Stage 022009 River Coquet 46.8 cm
Rotherham Forge Island Stage F0600 River Don 19.1 cm
Rotherham Stage L0601 River Don 6.4 cm
Rother Valley Lake Stage L0317 Rother Washlands 16.3 cm
Rothesay Tide Gauge Cowal Clyde Sealochs Coastal 117.3 cm
Rothley Stage 4056 Rothley Brook 18.4 cm
Rowanburnfoot Liddel Water 66.2 cm
Rowlands Gill Stage 023007 River Derwent 20.3 cm
Rowsham Bridge Stage 1904th River Thame 6.7 cm
Roxton Stage E21657 River Great Ouse 35.4 cm
Roydon, Glen Faba Stage 5190th River Stort 0.3 m³/s
Rudheath Stage 681210 River Dane 36.1 cm
Rugby Stage 2090 River Avon 53.7 cm
Ruislip Stage 2807th River Pinn 15.1 cm
Rushey Lock Downstream Stage 0903th River Thames 184.6 cm
Rushey Lock Stage 0903th River Thames 3.3 cm
Rushey Platt Stage 0311th River Ray 77.9 cm
Ruskington Beck Stage E47251 Ruskington Beck 27.2 cm
Rusko Water Of Fleet 92.9 cm
Rutherford Bridge Stage F3523 River Greta 14.9 cm
Ruthin, Pont Howkin Clwyd 24.7 cm
Ryde Tidal Level E15100 Maod Tide -119.2 cm
Rye Harbour Tidal Level E6415 Maod River Rother -212.7 cm
Sabden Bridge Stage 712412 Sabden Brook 19.4 cm
Sain Ffagan (St Fagans) Elái (Ely) 31.9 cm
Saintbridge Stage 2670 River Twyver 1.2 cm
Sakeham Weir Stage E9130 River Adur 25.4 cm
Salcombe Tidal Level 46163 Tide 224.7 cm
Salfords Bridge Stage 3247th Salfords Stream 42.4 cm
Salisbury Ashley Road Stage 43165 River Avon 31.7 cm
Salisbury Bourne Stage 43159 River Bourne 79.7 cm
Salisbury Harnham Bridge Stage 43160 River Avon 51.3 cm
Saltaire Stage L1605 River Aire 37.1 cm
Salt End Stage L3311 Maod Burstwick Drain 24.1 cm
Saltersford Stage E2862 River Witham 20.9 cm
Saltford Stage 53126 River Avon 59.1 cm
Samlesbury Stage 713019 River Ribble 93.3 cm
Sampford Brett Stage 51110 Doniford Stream -1.8 cm
Sanclêr (St Clears) Cynin 40.5 cm
Sandford-On-Thames Downstream Stage 1502th River Thames 145.1 cm
Sandford-On-Thames Stage 1502th River Thames 16.8 cm
Sandhill Bridge Stage F2835 Blackfoss Beck 12.4 cm
Sandhurst Horn's Ditch Stage 2644 River Severn -1.6 cm
Sandhurst Stage 2618 River Severn 70.2 cm
Sandhurst Stage 2619 Hatherley Brook 81.9 cm
Sandiacre Stage 4427 River Erewash 16.8 cm
Sandon Bridge Stage E22897 Sandon Brook 7.6 cm
Sandown Stage E15124 Maod Eastern Yar 52.4 cm
Sands Centre, Carlisle Stage 762600 River Eden 80.9 cm
Sandwell Woodend Stage 4605 River Tame 63.2 cm
Sandwich Quay Stage E3810 Maod River Stour 34.8 cm
Sawbridgeworth Stage 5151th River Stort 114.6 cm
Saxmundham Stage E24830 River Fromus 115.3 cm
Saxons Lode Stage 2032 River Severn 51.3 cm
Scalby Stage L2603 Sea Cut 32.8 cm
Scalehill Upper Lorton Valley Stage 751612 River Cocker 46.5 cm
Scarborough Stage F2603 Sea Cut 17.3 cm
Scotter Stage 4064 River Eau 1.9 cm
Scrasebridge Stage E8350 Salfords Stream 14.5 cm
Scurf Dyke Stage L3109 Maod River Hull 329.7 cm
Scurf Dyke Stage L3121 Maod Scurf Dyke 334.6 cm
Seaton 1 45667 South Devon Coast 108.7 cm
Seaton Mill, Barepot, Workington Stage 753050 River Derwent 54.8 cm
Sebergham Stage 765052 River Caldew 40.7 cm
Sedgeberrow Stage 2711 River Isbourne 25.7 cm
Sedgwick Stage 730511 River Kent 40.3 cm
Selby Dam Pumping Station Stage L2401b Maod Selby Dam 174.9 cm
Selby Westmill Stage L2401a Maod River Ouse 174.6 cm
Sellindge Stage 1113so East Stour Trib Great Stour 24.7 cm
Selly Park Stage 4206 River Rea 26.2 cm
Semington Stage 53123 Semington Brook 33.6 cm
Send Stage 3075th East Clandon Stream 79.9 cm
Seneirl Bridge Bush 113.5 cm
Setchey Bridge Stage E23740 River Nar 41.1 cm
Seven Kings Park Stage 5485th Loxford Water 9.7 cm
Sewards Bridge Stage E12781 Cheriton Stream 20.3 cm
Sgodachail Carron (Sutherland) 78.4 cm
Shalford Stage 3079th River Tillingbourne 13.3 cm
Shallowford Stage 4079 Meece Brook 24.5 cm
Shane's Viaduct Main 111.7 cm
Shanmoy Oonawater 26 cm
Shardlow Stage 4007 River Trent 28.84 m³/s
Sharnbrook Stage E24451 River Great Ouse 23.7 cm
Sharnford Stage 4145 River Soar 28.9 cm
Sharpness Stage 2195 River Severn 266.7 cm
Shaw Stage 2270-W1th River Lambourn 146.6 cm 1.7 m³/s
Sheepbridge Stage 2420-W2th River Loddon 18.6 cm
Sheepbridge Stage F0220 River Whitting 8.2 cm
Sheepbridge Weir Mill Stream Stage 2420-W1th River Loddon 20 cm
Sheepmount Stage 765512 River Eden 95.8 cm
Sheeppen Bridge Downstream Stage 0490th Ampney Brook 15.6 cm
Sheeppen Bridge Stage 0490th Ampney Brook 20 cm
Sheepwash Bridge Stage E6980 Maod Cuckmere & Pevensey Levels 93.1 cm
Sheepwash Stage 4101 River Tame 101 cm
Sheering Hall Downstream Stage 5169th Pincey Brook -51.7 cm
Sheering Hall Stage 5169th Pincey Brook 10.6 cm
Sheerness Tidal Level E71539 Maod Mean Tide -181.6 cm
Sheffield Blackburn Stage L0670 Blackburn Brook 3.9 cm
Sheffield Carr Brook Screen Downstream Stage L0691 Carr Brook -0.4 cm
Sheffield Centenary Works Stage L0405 River Sheaf -2 cm
Sheffield Lady's Bridge Stage L0607 River Don 48.1 cm
Sheffield Meersbrook Stage L0422 Meers Brook 47.9 cm
Sheffield Oakbrook Road Stage L0414 Porter Brook 3.2 cm
Sheffield Station Stage L0410 Porter Brook 6.3 cm
Sheffield Wincobank Stage L0669 Blackburn Brook 3.8 cm
Shefford Stage E22351 River Flit 28.4 cm
Shelley Close Stage 2131 Barbourne Brook 71.4 cm
Shenachie Findhorn 18.8 cm
Shepherd Road Stage 2269 Whaddon Brook 6.8 cm
Shepperton Lock Downstream Stage 2904th River Thames 281.5 cm
Shepperton Lock Stage 2904th River Thames 23.9 cm
Shepshed Stage 4196 Black Brook 71.8 cm
Shepton Mallet Garston Street 4 52226 River Sheppey 4.3 cm
Shepton Mallet Lower Lane 1 E4660 River Sheppey 6.8 cm
Sherborne Lake Stage 52121 River Yeo 12.4 cm
Sheriffmills Lossie 42 cm
Shewalton Irvine 83.8 cm
Shielfoot Shiel 48.5 cm
Shifford Lock Downstream Stage 0904th River Thames 193.2 cm
Shifford Lock Stage 0904th River Thames 9.9 cm
Shifnal Stage 2669 Wesley Brook 19.2 cm
Shillingthorpe Stage E2304 West Glen River 9.4 cm
Shillington Bridge Bann 66.8 cm
Shilmoor Stage 022003 Usway Burn 13.2 cm
Shiplake Lock Downstream Stage 2302th River Thames 214.2 cm
Shiplake Lock Stage 2302th River Thames 9.2 cm
Shiplaw Eddleston Water 12.6 cm
Shipley Gate Stage 4186 River Erewash 132.3 cm
Shipley Stage F1650 Bradford Beck 17.3 cm
Shipston Stage 2092 River Stour 35.8 cm
Shipton Stage 1238th River Evenlode 66.3 cm
Shirley Pond Stage 3319se Maod Tanners Brook 1336 cm
Shonks Mill Bridge Stage 5442th River Roding 31.6 cm
Shoreham Harbour Tidal Level E8980 Maod River Adur -250.9 cm
Shrewbridge Stage 680324 River Weaver 51.5 cm
Shrewton Stage E83164 River Till -7.3 cm
Sianel Gydadferol Llwynon (Llwynon Compensation Flume) Taf Fawr 21.2 cm
Sibsey Stage E4992 Maud Foster Stonebridge Drain 75 cm
Sicklesmere Stage E22176 River Lark 23.7 cm
Sidbury Stage 45209 River Sid 33.2 cm
Sidmouth Higher Woolbrook Road Stage E84009 Wool Brook 10.1 cm
Sidmouth Stage 45216 River Sid 5.3 cm
Sills Of Clyde Clyde 82.2 cm
Silsden Stage L1515 Silsden Beck -3.1 cm
Silvertown Tidal Level 0001 Maod Thames Tideway -149.2 cm
Simonsbath Stage 45140 River Barle 13.7 cm
Sindlesham Mill Stage 2481th River Loddon 15.3 cm
Sinnington Stage L2545 River Seven 19.3 cm
Sir Henry Parkes Road Stage 2215 Canley Brook 76.7 cm
Six Arches Stage 720120 River Wyre 39.4 cm
Skeabost Snizort 62.7 cm
Skeffling Pumping Station Stage L3350 Maod Skeffling Drain 71.2 cm
Skelmanthorpe Park Gate Stage L08102 Baildon Dyke 3.3 cm
Skelton Stage F2405 River Ouse 69.7 cm
Skerton Weir Stage 724647 River Lune 68.1 cm
Skew Bridge Stage 765090 River Caldew 48.1 cm
Skibeden Beck Stage L1538 Waller Hill Beck 16.8 cm
Skinningrove Stage L2922 Maod Kilton Beck 417.6 cm
Skip Bridge Stage F2102 River Nidd 3.03 cm 2.28 m³/s
Skipton Eller Beck Reservoir Stage L1539 Eller Beck 19.2 cm
Skipton Eller Beck Stage F1530 Eller Beck 10.2 cm
Skipton Medical Centre Stage L1536 Eller Beck 2.5 cm
Skipton Morrisons Stage L1535 Eller Beck 6.1 cm
Skipton Waller Hill Reservoir Stage L1538a Waller Hill Beck 31.2 cm
Skirfare Bridge Stage L1970 River Skirfare 13.3 cm
Slade Brook Stage E2699 River Ise 10.4 cm
Sladesbridge Stage 49133 River Camel 10.2 cm
Slad Road Downstream Stage 2226 Slad Brook 6.2 cm
Slad Road Stage 2226 Slad Brook 5.8 cm
Slad Steanbridge Lane Stage 2549 Slad Brook 18.2 cm
Slea Tilting Gate Stage E4411 River Slea 31.9 cm
Smarden St