We found 54 actual water levels for 'Ohio'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Emsworth L D Pool Ohio 16.65584 ft
Above Henderson Ohio 12.91664 ft
Above Mouth Nr Gunnison Ohio Creek 2.279272 ft 18.356 cfs
Above Sardis Ohio 12.556824 ft 8046.635 cfs
Ashland Ohio 34.001136 ft
Belleville Lock Ohio 13.136728 ft
Below Riverview Pk Nr Louisville Ohio 10.687224 ft
Cairo Ohio 7.868064 ft
Cannelton Lock And Dam Ohio 11.127072 ft 22990.537 cfs
Cincinnati Ohio 26.35316 ft
Clifty Creek Ohio 420.892224 ft
Dashields Lock And Dam Ohio 13.676616 ft 7106.949 cfs
Emsworth Lock And Dam Ohio 13.5464 ft
Evansville Ohio 14.136472 ft
Golconda Ohio 30.272104 ft
Hannibal Lock And Dam Ohio 12.326896 ft
Hannibal Lock And Dam (Upper) Ohio 12.996672 ft
Ironton Ohio 33.981456 ft 8226.665 cfs
J.t. Myers Lock And Dam Ohio 13.53656 ft
Kosmosdale Ohio 10.697392 ft
Lloyd Greenup Lock Ohio 36.23088 ft 11895.041 cfs
Louisville Water Tower Ohio 12.91664 ft 18692.056 cfs
Marietta Pumphouse Ohio 16.225832 ft
Markland Lower Ohio 12.316728 ft 13194.434 cfs
Maysville Ohio 34.221224 ft
Mcalpine Lower Ohio 10.637368 ft 18392.359 cfs
Mcalpine Upper Ohio 12.69688 ft
Meldahl Dam Ohio 13.2266 ft
Montgomery Lock And Dam Ohio 12.646696 ft
Mount Vernon Ohio 22.994112 ft
Near Baldwin Ohio Creek 6.35828 ft 17.65 cfs
Near Huntington Ohio 25.253376 ft
Near West Union Ohio Brush Creek 1.809576 ft 5.648 cfs
Newburgh Lock And Dam Ohio 13.356488 ft
New Cumberland Lock And Dam Ohio 12.666704 ft
New Cumberland Lock & Dam (Upper) Ohio R 12.636856 ft
Ohioview Ohio R Ab Montgomery Dam & Locks 12.746736 ft
Olmsted Lock And Dam Headwater Ohio 23.01412 ft 76668.07 cfs
Owensboro At Riverport Ohio 19.595048 ft
Paducah Ohio 16.055928 ft
Parkersburg Ohio 21.724424 ft
Pike Island Dam Nr Wheeling (Upper) Ohio R 12.726728 ft
Pike Island Lock And Dam Ohio 12.566664 ft
Pittsburgh Ohio 16.44592 ft
Point Pleasant Ohio 24.743664 ft
Portsmouth Ohio 15.335968 ft
Racine Lock Ohio 13.256448 ft
R C Byrd Lock Ohio 12.526648 ft
Sewickley Ohio (Lower Pool) 13.056696 ft
Shawneetown Ohio 15.335968 ft 51878.292 cfs
Smithland Dam, Smithland, Ky Ohio 12.69688 ft 28588.058 cfs
Smithland Lock And Dam Ohio 12.69688 ft
Wheeling Ohio 15.826 ft
Willow Island Lock Ohio 13.53656 ft