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Station GewässerWasserstandDurchflussMap
Dresden Elbe 193 cm 632 m³/s
Hamburg St. Pauli Elbe 712 cm
Köln Rhein (Rhin, Rijn) 490 cm 3420 m³/s
Mainz Rhein (Rhin, Rijn) 448 cm 2930 m³/s
Maxau Rhein (Rhin, Rijn) 702 cm 2377 m³/s


Station GewässerWasserstandDurchflussMap
Branzoll (Bronzolo) Etsch (Adige) 217.9 cm 252.2 m³/s
Punta Salute Grand Canal -6 cm
Salurn (Salorno) Etsch (Adige) 313 cm 282 m³/s
Sigmundskron (Ponte Adige) Etsch (Adige) 245 cm 82.5 m³/s
Töll (Tel) Etsch (Adige) 185 cm 55.1 m³/s


Station GewässerWasserstandDurchflussMap
Kienstock Donau 366 cm 2320 m³/s
Korneuburg Donau 349 cm 2400 m³/s
Linz Donau 409 cm
Mittersill Salzach 225.78 cm 30.1 m³/s
Steyr (Ortskai) Enns 271 cm 200 m³/s


Station GewässerWasserstandDurchflussMap
Basel, Rheinhalle Rhein (Rhin, Rijn) 24744 cm 2218 m³/s
Diepoldsau, Rietbrücke Rhein (Rhin, Rijn) 40873.5 cm 424 m³/s
Halden Thur 45626 cm 68 m³/s
Rheinfelden Messstation Rhein (Rhin, Rijn) 26374 cm 2193 m³/s
Romanshorn Bodensee (Obersee) 39680 cm

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Warum PegelAlarm?


Wir glauben an die Notwendigkeit eines globalen, grenzüberschreitenden Gewässerinformations-Systems und arbeiten mit Freude daran, ein solches zu entwickeln.

Up-to-date & worldwide

We provide most curent water levels from rivers and lakes worldwide.


Next to up-to-date and historical water levels, we use data science and intelligent algorithms to provide forecasts of water levels.

Warning system & API

Our data and services are used to inform and warn people and organisations through apps, Web and high-performance IT interfaces (APIs).


Our goal is the integration, forecast and publication of waterlevels from all water bodies worldwide.


Weitere Neuigkeiten

Unser Team

Johannes Strassmayr

Johannes is managing director of SOBOS. He takes care of customer requests and optimizes our system for future use. He is responsible for the development of PegelAlarm on Android. In his full time job he is a Software Enthusiast at TietoEvry managing projects within the field of Data Driven Business. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter, software development, soccer, Spikeball and eating cake ;-) [LinkedIn]

Günter Öller

Günter takes care of the integration of new water bodies and the development of the PegelAlarm web platform. He works as a teacher of Physics and Computer Science at the Khevenhüller Gymnasium, Linz. In his leisure time he usually does all kinds of sports as biking, snowboarding, volleyball and basketball. He and Johannes are Kitesurf-Buddies since 2006. His name is well known at the local hospital as his activities cause injuries on a regular basis ;-)

Enrico Bragante

Enrico is our software architect at SOBOS. He focuses on the system architecture and implements server components and APIs. In his full time job he is an Application Engineer at Infineon. He not only enjoys software development but also builds hardware components to materialize his creativity. His Skype setup never works ;-) [LinkedIn]

Johannes Öhlböck

Johannes is a lawyer and takes care of our legal and contractual matters and brings in his IT-law know-how. He runs the law firm RAOE in Vienna. [LinkedIn]

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